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    Stefan Johansson

    You're unlocked!

    By Stefan Johansson,

    Through a member's problem to log in I found out that quite many members had been auto-locked out and therefore unable to log in.
    First of all I'd like to send my sincere apologies to those affected.
    Secondly, we are diving into the software (with IT-help) to see why this happened, whether this problem occured due to a software bug, or conflicting software/server settings.
    If you experience or is notified that you get locked out - please email info@99nicu.org to let us know and to help you.
    Stefan Johansson
    Mark your calender 12-15 June 2017 for the 99nicu Meetup, an educational IRL meeting centered around the 99nicu community!
    Maybe you attended the 1st Evidence-Based Neonatology conference in Stockholm 2011. Although the EBNEO conference partly originated within 99nicu, that project has now further developed into its own society (http://ebneo.org). 
    Now is the time to meet again, to further stimulate engagement and the community feeling of 99nicu - we want to invite you and all other members to the 1st 99nicu Meetup, 12-15 June 2017, in Stockholm, Sweden.
    And most importantly, we want to involve you in making the program. We would like to have a mix of really high-profiled key persons, and less well-known younger neonatal staff who are talented speakers.
    Click here to share your ideas about the program!
    99nicu has become a partner of the 6th International Arab Neonatal Care Conference (ANCC2016) that will take place in Dubai, UAE From 29th September-1st of October 2016.
    The meeting is an international hub for neonatologists, pediatricians, researchers, nurses and other health care professionals to join leading international faculty and exchange knowledge.
    Visit http://ancc2016.com for more information!
    The 99nicu Pharmacopedia project is taking form! The goal is to make the web's best resource on pharmacological treatment in the NICU. The Pharmacopeia is discretely opened but there is yet only two drugs listed, Furosemide and Caffeine. Please note that guest access to 99nicu.org is somewhat restricted - for full access to everything, the Pharmacopedia included - just login (and tick "Remember" to stay logged in).
    If you would like to contribute and write up short summaries of drugs used in the NICU - please email stefan.johansson@99nicu.org and you will get instructions and the standardized template for writing such summaries.You find the Pharmacopeia under "Browse -> Pharmacopedia"
    The editorial board formed around this project includes:
    Stefan Johansson, Sweden Yurii Korzhynskyy, Ukraine Tarek Kotb, Saudi Arabia André M. Graça , Portugal Thorben Kracht, Germany Ravi Agarwal, United Kingdom Jasim Shihab, United Kingdom Marcio Fossati, Brazil  
    We have decided to restrict site access for temporary visitors. From now on it is possible to read only a few articles and posts without logging in.
    We have taken this step to increase the number of members who are logging in. It is as easy to log in here as to log in on Facebook  
    If you have a membership but need help to login, first try to reset your password. If you need more assistance - please email info@99nicu.org and we will assist you further.
    If you are not a member but work in the context of neonatal medicine or research, sign up for a membership. It is free of charge!