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    We are happy to announce that 99nicu and the journal Acta Pediatric will start to collaborate more closely!
    There is a specific forum for Acta Pediatrica where its editorial staff will high-light content interesting to read for neonatal staff. If you want to give feedback or interact with Acta Pediatric directly, you can also do that there. The high-lights from the latest issue is posted right here!
    We are very happy about this collaboration and hope that it will further develop in the future
    Acta Paediatrica is a peer-reviewed monthly journal at the forefront of international pediatric research. It covers both clinical and experimental research, and much content relates to neonates. You find their web site here, if you want to submit manuscripts or read the full issue.
    From January 2017, Acta Pediatric will only be available on the web and through its dedicated mobile/tablet app.
    Inspired by this topic in the forums about useful Internet resources, we have opened a Links Directory, (http://99nicu.org/links/), that you find under the tab "Browse->Links Directory"
    Any member can submit his/her own favorite links there, so... please add your most useful links to the neonatology-related web sites!
    Stefan Johansson
    Something great came on my radar, Plupp.org, a charitable Internet search engine. It works exactly the same as any other search engine, but its profits are donated to charity.
    Technically, Plupp uses Yahoo.com for web searches. Plupp donates its search revenue (raised through adverts displayed on search pages) to the International support of reducing preterm birth and to supporting the health and wellbeing of premature babies and their families across the Globe.
    I think this is a great initiative that deserves to get viral, click here to share on Facebook and Twitter 
    Please share in your own networks about Plupp. If you are involved in a national charity for preterm babies and families, you could also contact Plupp for partnerships.

    Stefan Johansson
    There is a new ebook out on Respiratory Management of Newborns, available for free by an open-access published, and edited by professor Hesham Abdel-Hady, @hehady who is also a 99nicu Team members since years.
    In the book, you'll learn multiple new aspects of respiratory management of the newborn. For example, ventilator management of infants with unusually severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia and infants with omphalocele is discussed, as well as positioning of endotracheal tube in extremely low birth weight infants, noninvasive respiratory support, utilization of a protocol-driven respiratory management, and more.
    Further, the book includes a chapter on noninvasive respiratory function monitoring during chest compression, analyzing the efficacy and quality of chest compression and exhaled carbon dioxide. It also provides an overview on new trends in the management of fetal and transitioning lungs in infants delivered prematurely.
    Lastly, the book includes a chapter on neonatal encephalopathy treated with hypothermia along with mechanical ventilation. The interaction of cooling with respiration and the strategies to optimize oxygenation and ventilation in asphyxiated newborns are discussed.
    You can access the book on this URL: http://www.intechopen.com/books/respiratory-management-of-newborns
    Stefan Johansson
    Through a member's problem to log in I found out that quite many members had been auto-locked out and therefore unable to log in.
    First of all I'd like to send my sincere apologies to those affected.
    Secondly, we are diving into the software (with IT-help) to see why this happened, whether this problem occured due to a software bug, or conflicting software/server settings.
    If you experience or is notified that you get locked out - please email info@99nicu.org to let us know and to help you.