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    We would like to high-light that the "European Consensus Guidelines for management of RDS" has been updated and is now published in the journal Neonatology. Unfortunately, the document is not available "open access" but you will likely be able to get it through your library.
    Although the title refers to RDS, this document has a wider scope and is really about stabilization of a preterm infant. For example, topics like temperature control, hemodynamic stability and pain are also covered. The updated part on RDS now includes more about non-invasive techniques.
    Here's the link to the reference on Pubmed: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27649091
    Find the forum post by @Stefan Johansson below and join the discussion!
    In the menu bar above, you now find a tab for the 99nicu Meetup, 12-15 June 2017.
    We are honored to welcome expert speakers from around the world, and will soon able to publish the preliminary program.
    You will be notified by the regular member's email when we open the registration, most likely in early December 2016.
    And naturally, feel free to share the word about this meeting to colleagues and within your networks.
    Looking forward to meet up !
    Stefan Johansson
    I would like to high-light a Petition by the International Pediatric Association, that children deserves hope and a safe environment.
    I ask you all to sign it.
    Every day we are reached by horrifying news from wars around the world, through news agencies and social media. Children are among the most vulnerable in today's military conflicts.
    Despite a public and political awareness what's going on, the civic society has yet been unsuccessful in its peace-making efforts. However, there is no alternative to peace. Not only children and their families, but all civilians in war zones deserve hope and a safe environment.
    The current situation in Aleppo in Syria is a prime but not the only example of a military conflict where civilians are victimized. Further, health care premises are not only struggling with limited resources, but have also become ”accepted” bomb targets. This new military strategy to target hospitals, against international agreements, must come to an end immediately. Health care professionals in war zones should be able to work in their facilities without risking their own lives.
    Although cynical ones may argue that words carry no "weight" in today's war zones, the public opinion supports countries and organisations like the UN.
    The community of health care professionals working with children and families, neonatal staff included, can add to the public voice that action is needed. That's why I think the Petition of the International Pediatric Association is an important initiative.
    The petition reads: 
    Please sign it here and share widely in your own networks and work places.
    We are happy to announce that 99nicu and the journal Acta Pediatric will start to collaborate more closely!
    There is a specific forum for Acta Pediatrica where its editorial staff will high-light content interesting to read for neonatal staff. If you want to give feedback or interact with Acta Pediatric directly, you can also do that there. The high-lights from the latest issue is posted right here!
    We are very happy about this collaboration and hope that it will further develop in the future
    Acta Paediatrica is a peer-reviewed monthly journal at the forefront of international pediatric research. It covers both clinical and experimental research, and much content relates to neonates. You find their web site here, if you want to submit manuscripts or read the full issue.
    From January 2017, Acta Pediatric will only be available on the web and through its dedicated mobile/tablet app.
    Inspired by this topic in the forums about useful Internet resources, we have opened a Links Directory, (http://99nicu.org/links/), that you find under the tab "Browse->Links Directory"
    Any member can submit his/her own favorite links there, so... please add your most useful links to the neonatology-related web sites!