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    • Stefan Johansson
      We are very happy that MONIVENT extends its Supporting Partnership with 99nicu!
      @Monivent is a medtech company dedicated to improve the emergency ventilatory care given to newborn babies in need of respiratory support at birth. About 3-6 % of all newborns end up in this situation, where healthcare personnel today are lacking tools to determine how effective their manual ventilation really is.
      Monivent® Neo is a non-invasive monitoring device to be used during manual ventilation, measuring the air volume given to the baby with sensors wirelessly built-into the face mask, providing the caregiver with continuous feedback on several critical parameters. A target volume is presented and any volume given outside the recommended interval is clearly indicated by a color change on an intuitive display.
      MONIVENT products are Monivent Neo Training to be used within simulation training on a manikin, and Monivent Neo100 for use in clinical settings.
      Learn more about MONIVENT on: http://monivent.se/

    • After the latest update of the software that runs 99nicu.org, there is a new Ranks feature.
      From registration and through your activity (like starting threads and posting replies, and giving likes to posts), you collect points that upgrades your rank through 14 levels, from "Newbie" to "Grand Master". Check out your current Rank in your profile
      Even if this is a new feature from this software version, all your activity since you registered is counted.
      Best wishes from a Grand Master 😎 

    • We look forward to welcoming you to the 4th 99nicu webinar on the 24th August at 17:00-18:00 CET, this time about the Butterfly Project, a framework that helps parents and staff to signify that a surviving infant has had a deceased twin or triplet sibling.
      Most women who have a multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets or more) do not have complications, but sadly, death of one baby from a multiple pregnancy is more common than many people appreciate. 
      A group of clinicians and researchers in Newcastle, UK, wanted to start to understand what it felt like to be a parent who has had to face such a difficult challenge and conducted a series of research studies. They spoke to parents who had lost one or more babies, and had a least one surviving baby from a multiple pregnancy, and they also spoke to midwives, doctors and nurses to hear about their experiences. During workshops, one of the parents suggested that a Butterfly cot card could signify the twin status for the surviving baby. Through the Butterfly project, these Butterfly cot cards have been made freely available to several hundreds of hospitals worldwide including the UK, North, South and Central America. The guidelines describe how to work with the Butterfly project in the NICU and has been translated into many languages.
      Speakers / panelists
      Nicholas Embleton, Consultant Neonatal Paediatrician, and Professor of Neonatal Medicine, Newcastle upon Tyne UK, having completed paediatric and neonatal training in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and Vancouver, Canada. Professor Embleton helps lead a broad portfolio of research based in Newcastle, UK see www.neonatalresearch.net The research group includes the unique Great North Neonatal Biobank and studies include large-scale NIHR nutrition trials, and studies of immune, microbiomic and metabolomic development. Professor Embleton also leads a series of qualitative studies exploring the experiences of parents (and the staff who cared for them) who suffered baby loss, recently completing a project with staff and parents where one of a twin pair dies. This led to the creation of a educational film based website www.neonatalbutterflyproject.org  Professor Embleton coordinates the UK based Neonatal Nutrition Network (N3) www.neonatalnutritionnetwork.org , and has >200 peer reviewed publications in addition to numerous educational articles and book chapters.
      Alex Mancini-Smith is a senior neonatal nurse with over 30 years’ experience and is the National Lead Nurse, leading the National Neonatal Palliative Care Project in the UK, the first innovative post of its kind. This is a unique role developing the training and education of staff nationally across neonatal, maternity and children’s palliative care teams. She has been instrumental in developing national and international guidelines and frameworks, including robust complex and palliative care pathways.  Building on her educational work over previous years, Alex Mancini-Smith supports and works alongside teams in embedding palliative care within routine neonatal care by training professionals across the UK and Europe in a variety of settings. Alex Mancini-Smith has published widely and is the Lead Editor for the ‘Nurses Textbook in Neonatal Palliative Care’, the first textbook of its kind, published January 2020. Current work includes the national review of the British Association of Perinatal Medicine’s palliative care framework for practice, previously published in 2010.
      Date and time
      24 August, at 17:00-18:00 CET
      Click here to register!

    • It is now possible to bookmark 99nicu.org on your smartphone browser (Safari for Iphone users, Chrome for Android users) and place the bookmark on your mobile phone screen. When you then tap on the "bookmark", browsing 99nicu looks and feels like using an app  
      If you have an Android phone, you can get push notifications when topics you follow are updated etc, just go to your notification settings in your profile to active such push notifications. As of now, Iphone users cannot get push notifications yet. Instead, you need to rely on the notifications given on 99nicu (on my screen shot below, the nb "6" in the right upper corner)
      This technology is called Progressive Web Application (PWA). IMHO is works so well that I will mostly access 99nicu.org from my phone now!

    • Join our Webinar Journal Club on neonatal airway management, 9 June at 1630-1715 CET
      After the initial Journal Club on neonatal airway management in our forum, we would like to engage with you in a live Webinar together with Joyce E O'Shea, Alexandra Scrivens, Gemma Edwards, and Charles Christoph Roehr, the authors of review article on "Safe emergency neonatal airway management: current challenges and potential approaches".
      The review article examines how to acutely manage the neonatal airway, and the challenges related facemask ventilation and intubation. 
      In this 45min Webinar Journal Club, we will discuss the following three topics:
      emergency airway management elective airway management who should do/train what Click here to register !
      On 9 June and once registered on the link above, click here to access the webinar!
      Joyce O’Shea - born and educated in Cork, Ireland. Paediatric and neonatal training has been between Ireland, Scotland and Australia. Developed an interest in neonatal resuscitation and airway management especially intubation when working as a research fellow at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne. Has worked since 2014 as a neonatal consultant at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland. Continues to be passionate about making airway management as safe as possible for infants and neonatal trainees. 
      Charles Christoph Roehr, M.D., PhD. Associate Professor - the Clinical Director of the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit - Clinical Trials Unit, Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford, with a strong interest in studies which answer clinically relevant questions. Clinically, Charles works as an Academic Consultant Neonatologist at Southmead Hospital, Bristol. His own research interests centre around understanding the cardio-respiratory adaptation during fetal-to-neontal transition and on how to best support the newly born infant. A strong proponent of evidence-based neonatology, he acts as the NLS Scientific Co-Chair and guideline author for the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) and is a member of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) neonatal guideline writing group. Charles also serves as President of the European Society for Paediatric Research (ESPR).
      Gemma Edwards – ST5 paediatric trainee in the West of Scotland. Studied in Dundee and has worked in Glasgow for 7 years. Has worked on projects looking at neonatal intubation over the last three years and particularly interested in ways to support trainees with airway management skills.
      Alexandra Scrivens - ST6 neonatal GRID trainee (first year fellow equivalent) in Oxford, UK. Previously clinical research fellow for the NeoCLEAR study. Am a social media editor for EBNEO and trainee representative on the resuscitation council UK NLS subcommittee. Main areas of interest are procedures, resuscitation, decision-making and respiratory care of term and preterm babies. Enjoy trail running, paddleboarding and spending as much time outdoors as possible!

    • 99nicu has taken the step to Instagram!
      Follow on https://www.instagram.com/99nicu/
      This idea was brought up by @piatkat in discussion within the new extended 99nicu Team.
      Our plan with this new channel... yet to be fully determined, but presence where many others are present is generally a good thing

    • We have re-introduced our auto-generated Newsletter.
      It will come on Wednesdays, and include practically all updates in the forums, the blogs, the Links Directory etc-etc. I hope this will not be too frequent interval, and instead facilitate you to keep updated and also help you to join discussions, post your own topics etc-etc.
      Most of you probably subscribe to this since before. If not, go to your Account Settings and make sure to activate it.
      It is key that your email address assoiciated with your membership is up-to-date. A memberships with an invalid email address will be cleared from our database.


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