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      Stefan Johansson
      the first 99nicu Webinar - assistant professor Nathan C. Sundgren will lecture on Delayed Cord Clamping, on May 14, 2020 16:00 (CEST)
      Nathan C. Sundgren, MD, PhD, is medical director of neonatal resuscitation education and assistant professor of Neonatology at Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, Texas, USA. He is concerned about all things related to delivery room care and has published quality improvement work and clinical trials related to delivery room team communication and performance of resuscitation. As an educator, he seeks to use global platforms to spread information on neonatal resuscitation such as on his YouTube channel "TexSun NeoEd." 
      This is our first webinar, and if it works well, we aim to run a series of educational webinars during 2020. Stay tuned!
      Stefan Johansson
      I am really sorry to announce that we have decided to cancel our conference Future of Neonatal Care, AKA #99nicuMeetup. 
      The reason is the spreading of the Covid-19 virus in Europe and the uncertainties related to this.  If viral infections increase (currently a likely scenario), we may be forced to cancel at much shorter notice. Given the non-profit nature of the 99nicu community, we have no financial backup to manage a late cancellation.
      I was myself emailed yesterday by staff in some European citys that their hospitals had stopped all travels abroad for their employees.
      We are really sorry about this unexpected development.
      For delegates, speakers and partners directly affected by this decision: we are in discussions with the University of Vienna regarding practical details and implications of cancelling and will communicate back directly next week with more information.
      While we are now only focusing on getting through the current situation, we also believe that the Covid-19 pandemic will settle with time. Consequently, we hope to for a "Return of the Meetup" in 2021.

      Thank you for your understanding and support.
      Stefan Johansson
      We would like to welcome Recordati Rare Diseases, Monivent and Lifecast Body Simulations as Supporting Partners of the 99nicu.org web site during 2020.
      Supporting Partners give unrestricted educational grants to 99nicu. Grants are used to cover costs for maintenance, development and technical support of 99nicu. As "there is no free lunch", we are very thankful for this financial support. 
      Various levels of partnerships gives varying degree of visibility.
      As Bronze Partners, Monivent and Lifecast Body Simulations will be exposed on our Partner Page, in our landing page slider, and in the Newsletter footer.
      As Silver Partner, Recordati Rare Diseases will additionally have the opportunity to share one "Featured email" once during 2020, and to display an advertisement banner on the web site and in the newsletter during a limited time period.
      Visit the Partner Page to read about our Supporting Partners or click on the logotypes below.


      Welcome to our conference
      Future of Neonatal Care- advancing the management of newborns
      Your neonatal web community goes live again - 15-19 April 2020 in Vienna, Austria.
      Click here to register!
      The exciting program includes a wide range of lectures and workshops by neonatal staff with real expertise.
      Topics include ethics at the viability border, renal function impairment, treatment of seizures, intubation practices and outcomes, maternal medication and breastfeeding, and how to make great QI project. And more!
      See you in Vienna!
      Subscribe here to the conference to newsletter.

      Stefan Johansson
      We are happy to support the World Prematurity Day 2019 (with EBNEO and many other org’s) and the Global Call to Action by GLANCE - the Global Alliance for Newborn Care (launching their web site 17/11 on https://www.glance-network.org/).
      It is great to see how the parental organisations, together with professionals, are moving the frontier for the development of neonatal care.
      #WorldPrematurityDay #BornTooSoon


      The link shared below, to the NY Times parental information on how to handle a NICU stay, sparkled the idea to create a special category for parent's resources in out.
      Find the Links Directory here: https://99nicu.org/links/
      If you have valuable URLs that you want to share, please submit to our Link Dir, or email to info@99nicu.org and we add the link.
      Stefan Johansson
      3rd Future of Neonatal Care Conference
      In April 2019, we met up at the Future of Neonatal Care conference, AKA the #99nicuMeetup, in Copenhagen, DK.
      More than 200 people from 32 countries had four intensive days together.  Our sincere Thank You to all delegates, faculty members and Partners for making the #99nicuMeetup the event it has become. Without You coming to "share and care", there would be no dynamics, no laughter, and no conference.
      We share the conference over Twitter (see hashtag #99nicuMeetup). And now we also publish (most) video-recorded  lectures, in the playlist below.
      How to navigate in the playlist?
      See screen shots below: click the playlist symbol in the top left corner. And close the panel of videos but clicking on the "X".

      Conference page
      Also find the videos on this dedicated conference page: https://99nicu.org/meetup2019/
      You find this page by clicking on "Browse" in the menu above.
      Stefan Johansson
      We are moving into the teenage era, when 99nicu becomes 13 years on May 11  !
      The most sincere thanks to everyone involved, not the least all of you adding questions and comments in the forums, sharing experiences and expertise.
      Without you, there would be no community.
      When 99nicu.org started in 2006, our mission was to create an independent platform where neonatal staff from all over the world could interact and help each other. We wanted to democratize know-how, for the Greater Good.
      Although there is still much potential what an active online community can become, I also believe we have achieved something great. And as already said, we would not have achieved anything without you.
      Want to see the very first post made? Find it below, in the Lounge (members-only area)  
      We are very happy to announce that Neobiomics, a startup in Sweden, has signed a Partnership with 99nicu.org
      The partnership includes funding of our IT costs during 2019 (licenses, domains, web hosting etc) - and we are more than grateful for that
      Neobiomics is a startup company in Stockholm, Sweden, with roots within the 99nicu Community. Stefan Johansson, also founder of 99nicu, discussed with a smaller group of colleagues within the Community about the lack of a high-end bacterial product. In 2016, Stefan Johansson and Philipp Novak founded Neobiomics.
      With know-how support by a group of clinicians and researchers, Neobiomics has collaborated with Chr. Hansen, a world-leading manufacturer of bacterial cultures. ProPrems® is the result.
      Keep updated on the progress of the ProPrems® project by subscribing to the e-Newsletter on https://neobiomics.eu/newsletter/
      You can also visit the web site of ProPrems® on https://proprems.eu , and the web site of Neobiomics on https://neobiomics.eu

      Stefan Johansson
      A week ago, we met up at the Future of Neonatal Care conference, AKA the #99nicuMeetup, in Copenhagen, DK.
      There were four day intensive days for myself, @Francesco Cardona and more than 200 people travelling from 32 countries - neonatal staff members, speakers and workshop leaders, and partner representatives.
      Topics included outcomes and ethics at the viability border, NEC prevention, neonatal transports, use of inotropes, hyperglycemia, cord clamping, high flow and pain management. And much much more!
      In short, everything went really well. Given that our vision is to "make the world smaller" and create a space for networking (in addition to a great learning experience) , I would like to share our sincere Thank You to all all delegates, faculty members and Partners for making the #99nicuMeetup the event it has become. Without You coming to "share and care", there would be no dynamics, no laughter, and no #99nicuMeetup.
      We did our best to share the conference over Twitter (see hashtag #99nicuMeetup). We also video-recorded the lectures, and we plan publish the set of lectures on Youtube in a few weeks time. 
      If you attended and have photos you want to share, please add to the Gallery below (or email them to info@99nicu.org and I upload).
      See you next year !
      Stefan Johansson
      We have fixed a new Activity Feed. If you click on LATEST UPDATES on the landing page of 99nicu.org, on your computer or your mobile, you will be directed to it. 
      And, if you bookmark it, you will always keep updated when you open your browser
      There you will find the list of all ongoing activity, like new topics, new comments, new blog posts etc-etc.
      See the read arrows on attached screen shots.
      Best regards from the HQ's!


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