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      We proudly present Paul Crossley, founder of 1in10, as our new blog writer!
      "Hello Everybody! – My name is Paul and I am a NICU Dad on a mission to create a global (if I can take it that far) support community for families who have spent time or who are currently spending time on NICU with their child/children.
      My Son Oliver was born in September 2016 at 29+2 weeks gestation at 2.2lbs and suffered a unilateral Grade 3 IVH prior to being born, during his time in NICU we tackled Hydrocephalus, 2 Brain Surgeries, hernia surgery and almost fatal pneumonia.
      The idea for 1in10.org.uk came when I was searching for other parents going through something similar but unfortunately, I could not find anything, professionally I am a web developer, so I used my skills and knowledge to create what I needed when I was in NICU, for other families who might still be there now looking for the same thing as I was.
      I look forward to telling you more about my experiences soon!
      Paul Crossley"

      Since the parental perspective is so central to NICU care, we feel honoured that Paul connected with us and wanted to share reflections in a blog format.
      @Paul looking forward to read your posts here!
      The link to the 1in10 web site is https://1in10.org.uk/ - feel free to share it to parents in your NICUs!
      Stefan Johansson
      99nicu has become 12 years  
      The first public post (screen shot below) was done on the 11th of May in 2006 by myself and a small group of neonatal friends.
      Thanks to everyone participating in discussions, sharing great advice and being supportive during these years!

      The startup company Amnion Life, one of our supporting partners, is seeking a few NICU professionals for a consultancy team around their exciting projects. Read below and contact the CEO Amir Fassihi directly for more information (amir.fassihi@amnion.life)
      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      Are you interested in joining an online team of NICU experts to help with design and development of innovative medical devices for preterm infants?  
      Amnion Life Medical Devices, a startup company and developer of Amniobed is proud to announce that they have just completed the second round of Seed funding.  The prototype for Amniobed has been built and is undergoing pre-clinical testing for safety.  The company is tasked with building the team of clinical experts to further advance design and development of Amniobed and other innovative medical devices for preterm infants.
      Amnion Life is looking to recruit one or two NICU experts from North America, Europe and Asia each for an initial team of 5-6 experts.  Consultants work in ten-hour blocks on tasks remotely from home.  
      Tasks include a review of Amniobed and other innovative NICU medical devices on design, user needs, hazard identification, risk management, systematic literature review and clinical trial design.  The company intends to draft the clinical trial protocols for FDA presubmission and approval by Q4 of 2018 and begin the initial clinical trials in Q1 or Q2 2019.  Company's preference is for consultants whomay be interested in further academic work serving as primary investigators on the clinical trials for Amniobed at the later phases of research and development.  
      If you are interested in working as an expert consultant for Amnion Life, please contact: amir.fassihi@amnion.life
      Thank you,
      Amir Fassihi M.D.
      email: amir.fassihi@amnion.life

      2618 San Miguel Drive Suite 149
      Newport Beach, CA, 92660
      1 310-927-1442
      * * * 
      Kralja Petra 92
      31210, Pozega, Serbia    
      +381 31812 444
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      Stefan Johansson
      Our conference the Future of Neonatal Care is now only a 2 weeks away, and we are really looking forward to welcome everyone attending.
      We expect around 130 delegates, Faculty members and Partner representatives, as of today representing 32 countries around the globe. A truly international group of people, from East to West, from North to South.
      We are excited and truly honoured to welcome you all to Vienna!
      And yes, we still have a few seats available. But only a few.
      Click here to see if one is available for you

      We proudly present Amnion Life as a new Supporting Partner of 99nicu!
      Amnion Life will add an unrestricted educational grant supporting to our funds for IT services and for the upcoming meetup in Vienna. Much appreciated!
      Amnion Life is a medical device company founded to develop the AmnioBed, an amniotic neonatal incubator system.
      AmnioBed is a novel, patented and sophisticated incubator that creates a simulated amniotic fluid self-regulating, sterile submersion bath environment, similar to the mother’s womb, to recreate an ideal environment to nurture preterm infants. The AmnioBed is intended to provide critical, ongoing development and nurturing to in-turn decrease short and long-term complications that are common in premature birth.
      Read more about Amnion Life and AmnioBed on http://amnion.life/
      Stefan Johansson
      Although still named "Preliminary Program", the lecture and workshop program for the Future of Neonatal Care is more or less finalized now. The meeting will give up to 25 CME credits.  Please find the program folder attached to this post.
      Like to meeting in Stockholm 2017, this meeting will set off in a spirit of learning, in a friendly atmosphere. Once again, we will also use the sli.do smartphone app to engage everyone in polls, comments and questions.
      Visit the dedicated meeting web site on https://99nicu.org/meetup/

      Stefan Johansson
      Although the saying "There as an for everything" is not entirely true, I recently found out about a few great apps for NICU staff.
      In the Link Directory, there is now an App's category.
      I have added three app's there
      LactMed - database on pharmaceuticals and breastfeeding Biliapp - bilirubin charts Neomate - guidelines used by the London Neonatal Transfer Service (NTS) Would be great to include more neonatology apps in our Link Directory!
      Log in and you can add links directly. Or comment below and we do it for you.
      The 24 hour countdown for Early Birds is starting!
      If you want to join us at the discounted rate, register no later than January 15.
      Sign up today
      Why come to the Future of Neonatal Care?
      Reason #1 Interactivity
      We believe conferences should be a place to exchange knowledge and give anyone a chance to ask questions. Participants at our last conference especially enjoyed “very good discussions” and “plenty of time for questions”. We use an app to allow for immediate feedback from participants. Additionally, we will have workshops on current important issues of neonatology like parent-centered care, best practice in applying surfactant and simulation training in neonatology.
      Reason #2 Future
      Our topics are focused on how neonatology will develop in the future. What skills will the neonatologist need to perform best practice neonatology (echo, LISA)? How can we identify infants that are in risk of deteriorating? What tools will help us treat our infants on the neonatal ward (ultrasound, aEEG, NIRS, MRI)? How should we design our neonatal wards ideally? And how can we work together with parents for optimal outcomes?

      Stefan Johansson
      The "Future of Neonatal Care", our upcoming meeting in Vienna 9-12 April 2018, is now only three months away.
      This weekend is the last chance for you to sign up for the discounted Early Bird Rate. Click here to register
      This meeting is an IRL event for bringing the neonatal community together, for staff sharing a passion to provide the best neonatal care. While our vision is to promote evidence-based neonatal care, and acknowledge the limitations thereof, we focus on the learning experience by creating a friendly and interactive context.
      The conference will span over a wide range of topics, for example the Golden Hour, LISA, hypoglycemia, NICU design, follow-up of preterm infants, hypothermia, functional echo, lung ultrasound, and palliative care. There will also be workshops on LISA, PICC line placement, family-based care and simulation.
      See You in Vienna!

      Stefan Johansson
      I would like to wish Happy Holidays to all members and web site visitors!
      Thanks for all posts and comments, and all direct communication through messages and emails during 2017.
      It was also such a great pleasure to meet some of you at the 99nicu Meetup, in Stockholm, last June.
      For 2018, I hope that 99nicu will become an even more busy community. Most importantly, we have a new chance to meet up at the conference in April in Vienna. Join the "Future of Neonatal Care" 9-12 April in Vienna
      Best Holiday Wishes from the Headquarters!