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      The 24 hour countdown for Early Birds is starting!
      If you want to join us at the discounted rate, register no later than January 15.
      Sign up today
      Why come to the Future of Neonatal Care?
      Reason #1 Interactivity
      We believe conferences should be a place to exchange knowledge and give anyone a chance to ask questions. Participants at our last conference especially enjoyed “very good discussions” and “plenty of time for questions”. We use an app to allow for immediate feedback from participants. Additionally, we will have workshops on current important issues of neonatology like parent-centered care, best practice in applying surfactant and simulation training in neonatology.
      Reason #2 Future
      Our topics are focused on how neonatology will develop in the future. What skills will the neonatologist need to perform best practice neonatology (echo, LISA)? How can we identify infants that are in risk of deteriorating? What tools will help us treat our infants on the neonatal ward (ultrasound, aEEG, NIRS, MRI)? How should we design our neonatal wards ideally? And how can we work together with parents for optimal outcomes?

      Stefan Johansson
      The "Future of Neonatal Care", our upcoming meeting in Vienna 9-12 April 2018, is now only three months away.
      This weekend is the last chance for you to sign up for the discounted Early Bird Rate. Click here to register
      This meeting is an IRL event for bringing the neonatal community together, for staff sharing a passion to provide the best neonatal care. While our vision is to promote evidence-based neonatal care, and acknowledge the limitations thereof, we focus on the learning experience by creating a friendly and interactive context.
      The conference will span over a wide range of topics, for example the Golden Hour, LISA, hypoglycemia, NICU design, follow-up of preterm infants, hypothermia, functional echo, lung ultrasound, and palliative care. There will also be workshops on LISA, PICC line placement, family-based care and simulation.
      See You in Vienna!

      Stefan Johansson
      I would like to wish Happy Holidays to all members and web site visitors!
      Thanks for all posts and comments, and all direct communication through messages and emails during 2017.
      It was also such a great pleasure to meet some of you at the 99nicu Meetup, in Stockholm, last June.
      For 2018, I hope that 99nicu will become an even more busy community. Most importantly, we have a new chance to meet up at the conference in April in Vienna. Join the "Future of Neonatal Care" 9-12 April in Vienna
      Best Holiday Wishes from the Headquarters!
      Stefan Johansson

      Quizzes FTW!

      By Stefan Johansson,

      The 99nicu community is much about engagement, how we can learn from interacting with each other, sharing experience and expertise.
      Along those lines, we have started launched a Quizzes section. To date, there are only two quizzes online, one about neonatal encephalopathy and one about RDS management. 
      The idea is that we post quizzes based on a specific document, like an original research paper, a meta-analysis, or a review article. The purpose is to make us all read, and learn from what we read.
      Doing a quizz is also a very learning experience, and therefore we invite all members to help us prepare quizzes. All you need to do is to email us on info@99nicu.org with a suggestion and we then guide you how to do a quiz  
      Stefan Johansson
      Finally, we have now opened the registration to the next 99nicu Meetup, framed as Future of Neonatal Care – advancing the management of newborns
      The conference will be taking place in the very center of Vienna, Austria, 9-12 April 2018.
      The exciting program includes a wide range of lectures and workshops by neonatal staff with real expertise.
      Topics include the Golden Hour, pain relief, genetic disease, NICU design, palliative care, milk banking, lung ultrasound, consciousness of the newborn, follow-up after preterm birth, and hypothermia.
      One new feature compared to the 1st meetup this June in Stockholm, is that we will run a Young Lecturer Session, promoting neonatal staff early in their career.
      Find the program and info on how to register on https://99nicu.org/meetup/
      See you in the Future of Neonatal Care  
      Are you a US-based neonatologists working in a non-academic NICU?
      If yes, we would like to promote an opportunity for you. The startup-company Noninvasix wants to make interviews on why you would use or not use NIRS, and what evidence you would need in order to purchase NIRS-technology.
      For our help sharing this information, Noninvasix will give an unrestricted educational grant to us, helping out with funding of our IT-costs etc. In other words, you contribute to 99nicu funding if you participate in the interviews.
      If you are interested to be interviewed, please email Graham Randall, president and CEO at Noninvasix, on grandall@noninvasix.com
      Interviews needs to be completed before Oct 10... so don't wait too long!
      Stefan Johansson
      At last, all video recordings* of the Meetup lectures are now posted on Youtube!
      Sorry about the DIY quality  
      Next year we hope to have budget for more professional recordings, but I hope that you will find the lectures good enough.
      If you value the videos as a good learning experience, please consider to make a small donation here. No matter how small, all donations are mostly welcome to help us fund IT-costs for the 99nicu web site.
      And here - the 99nicu Meetup playlist! Click on the symbol in the upper left corner to switch/change to another video. 
      *not all videos are included as not the recording failed in a few instances  
      Another two videos of the lectures from the 99nicu Meetup is now available on the Meetup17-page! Click on the "Meetup17" tab in the meny above to see:
      Amir Kuperman lecturing about "Developmental Hemostasis - Practical Aspects For The Neonatologist" Kristine Karlsen lecturing about "21 years of S.T.A.B.L.E. Program Education: History and Module Overview"  
      Stefan Johansson
      During the last few weeks, we have had some very interesting discussions in the Virtual NICU, about an infant with 22q11 syndrome, about one infant with osteogenesis imperfecta, and one infant with a yet undiagnosed congenital syndrome.
      The Virtual NICU can only be accessed when you are logged in, i.e. you can only read and post in that section if you have logged in with your username and password. Further, unless you are logged in, the content in the Virtual NICU won't be displayed in the Activity Feed on our landing page. I add two screen shots below, as an illustration what the feed looks like as not logged in and as logged in.
      If you don't want to log in every time, just tick "Remember me" when you log in, and you will be automatically logged in every time you visit 99nicu