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  • Opportunity to become an Expert Consultant for Amnion Life Medical Device company.


    The startup company Amnion Life, one of our supporting partners, is seeking a few NICU professionals for a consultancy team around their exciting projects. Read below and contact the CEO Amir Fassihi directly for more information (amir.fassihi@amnion.life)

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    Are you interested in joining an online team of NICU experts to help with design and development of innovative medical devices for preterm infants?  

    Amnion Life Medical Devices, a startup company and developer of Amniobed is proud to announce that they have just completed the second round of Seed funding.  The prototype for Amniobed has been built and is undergoing pre-clinical testing for safety.  The company is tasked with building the team of clinical experts to further advance design and development of Amniobed and other innovative medical devices for preterm infants.

    Amnion Life is looking to recruit one or two NICU experts from North America, Europe and Asia each for an initial team of 5-6 experts.  Consultants work in ten-hour blocks on tasks remotely from home.  

    Tasks include a review of Amniobed and other innovative NICU medical devices on design, user needs, hazard identification, risk management, systematic literature review and clinical trial design.  The company intends to draft the clinical trial protocols for FDA presubmission and approval by Q4 of 2018 and begin the initial clinical trials in Q1 or Q2 2019.  Company's preference is for consultants whomay be interested in further academic work serving as primary investigators on the clinical trials for Amniobed at the later phases of research and development.  

    If you are interested in working as an expert consultant for Amnion Life, please contact: amir.fassihi@amnion.life

    Thank you,

    Amir Fassihi M.D.
    email: amir.fassihi@amnion.life


    2618 San Miguel Drive Suite 149
    Newport Beach, CA, 92660
    1 310-927-1442

    * * * 

    Kralja Petra 92
    31210, Pozega, Serbia    
    +381 31812 444

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