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    • Stefan Johansson
      From today it is possible to register for the 99nicu Meetup 12-15 June in Stockholm, Sweden.
      The exciting program includes lectures and workshops by neonatal staff with real expertise.
      Topics include preventing infections, hypothermia, delivery room management, PDA controversies, ventilation, infant feeding, social media, and family-centered neonatal care. 
      Further, you will meet people IRL you may have only met on this URL  
      Although our sole channel for marketing the Meetup is 99nicu.org, everyone is welcome, also those who are not (yet) members. That said, please share the program to your colleagues and within your networks.
      Click here to download the program and extended information about everything.
      Click here to register!
      And... don't wait to long as the number of delegates is restricted to 250.

    • We will start to send out auto-generated weekly emails with the latest forum topics and blog posts.
      Those emails is a way to further improve our communication and facilitate your participation in ongoing discussions etc.
      If you want to unsubscribe, you change the settings in your Account Settings (top right corner). If you have unsubscribed and want to re-subscribe, you also do that in your Account Settings.

    • Happy New Year!

      By 99nicu.org, in 99nicu News,

      While this year is about to close the books, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year!
      During 2016, 99nicu has been continued to evolute thanks to contributions by you and many others. There are too many to thank by name but I would like to make a few exception.
      I would like to thank our blog writers @AllThingsNeonatal and @kbarrington for sharing insightful reflections on research and clinical practice. I would also like to thank @Amy Holmes for support in the Pharmacopedia project. Finally, I would like to thank @Francesco Cardona and all other 99nicu Team members for sharing the volunteer work with me! Next year, let's meet at the 99nicu Meetup 12-15 June  
      Until then, I would like to wish you a Peaceful 2017.
      Stefan Johansson

    • To improve how you can see and browse updates, the landing page on 99nicu.org is now a feed of all new content, in forums, blogs, Pharmacopedia etc, presented in a Facebookish way.
      You will not only have an updated timeline to browse, the web server will create it for you  (i.e. reducing our work load to keep a first "News" page updated)
      What do you think about the new Activity Feed?!

    • 17 November is World Prematurity Day, a day to bring light on the public arena to the world-wide burden of preterm birth.
      With advances in combatting infections, complications of preterm birth is now the main cause of mortality among children before 5 years of age. Of 6 millions estimated deaths among children <5y, preterm birth and its complications account for about 1 million.
      In many countries, there are events set up by health care providers, parent organisations, charities and organisations.
      In addition to your own local channels, we would like to promote a few web sites with information about the World Prematurity Day:
      March of Dimes EFCNI The WPD Facebook group And, additionally, find tweets using the hashtag #WorldPrematurityDay (https://twitter.com/hashtag/worldprematurityday)
      Finally, a video produced for March of Dimes last year:

    • An academic start-up company wants to interview you on off-label use of intramuscular vitamin A in the NICU:
      You are a doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, nutritionist or pharmacist You work in a NICU in Europe You are using or / have used one of the following  Vitamin A medicines: "AQUASOL A" or "Vitamin A Nepalm" or "Axerophtol Biotika". The interview takes about 15 minutes, and your invested time will be financially compensated with 200 €.
      Further, 99nicu will be granted with 50 €  per interview, as an independent grant for web site maintenance and development.
      If you are able to participate in an interview on intramuscular use of vitamin A, please forward your name and contact details to me (stefan.johansson@99nicu.org) and I will connect you with the start-up company.

    • We would like to high-light that the "European Consensus Guidelines for management of RDS" has been updated and is now published in the journal Neonatology. Unfortunately, the document is not available "open access" but you will likely be able to get it through your library.
      Although the title refers to RDS, this document has a wider scope and is really about stabilization of a preterm infant. For example, topics like temperature control, hemodynamic stability and pain are also covered. The updated part on RDS now includes more about non-invasive techniques.
      Here's the link to the reference on Pubmed: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27649091
      Find the forum post by @Stefan Johansson below and join the discussion!

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