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      Pediatrix Medical Group is a leading provider of maternal-fetal, and pediatric medical services, neonatal care included.
      We are therefore happy that Pediatrix has posted a NNP position on our Job Board, and hope for future postings as well.
      With our Job Board we aim not only to match neonatal staff with providers of neonatal care. The Job Board will also generate some funding, as we kindly ask all posters to make a 10USD-donation for each post. 
      @Pediatrix - thanks for you donation!

    • The 99nicu make-over has been a process that has included lots of work, also from professional IT consultants. As 99nicu is a free service, i.e. everyone can use everything at no charge, this re-launch had not been possible without a dedicated grant from Acta Paediatrica.
      I would like to publicly thank professor Hugo Lagercrantz and the foundation of Acta Paediatrica, for this great contribution to 99nicu. Without this grant, the future had not seen so bright for us. Now, we have modern technical platform and the web site works great on all devices (computers, tablets, and smartphones). Now, we can focus on the great content 99nicu generates.
      If you have manuscript for publication, consider submission to Acta Paediatrica.

    • We have been working with software upgrades and changes over the last week. During this time, the web site has not been running smoothly and we would like to apologize for that. The peak of problems occurred yesterday when we had to take 99nicu offline. Thanks to great support from IPB, the provider of the technology, we are up and running as usual now! We hope  
      There is one big change noticeable for you - our new URL is http://99nicu.org. Previously our installation was in the folder 99nicu.org/forum, and those typing 99nicu.org was re-directed to that URL. Now, the installation is moved to the root on our server. We don't believe this change will cause problems for you, unless you have bookmarked the old URL.
      If you notice problems, broken links etc - please use the Contact Us form below or email to info@99nicu.org

    • Here come some pre-info about a 99nicu Journal Club!
      By using a template for how to disentangle a paper we plan for an organized scrutiny of a paper over one hour. This recent paper in JAMA for example, about early PDA detection, would be great to discuss there! However, that paper is behind the paywall of JAMA so we will start off with open-access papers published in ADC and Acta Paediatrica.
      The Journal Club will take place in the Chat room (you see the "Chat" in the menu above if you are logged in). Hopefully we also manage to make a transcript or even get a live feed going out on the @99nicu Twitter account
      No date and time is set yet for the first Journal Club, but we will get back soonish

    • It is great to visit a conference, but I believe I am not the only one who attends conferences infrequent. 
      But one can follow conferences through new social technologies like Twitter! As many of you know, I am deeply involved in the EBNEO Society (together with others in the 99nicu Team, like Francesco Cardona and Hesham Abdel-Hady) and one strategic idea has been to live-tweet our conferences. We did so already during the 1st and 2nd EBNEO conferences in Stockholm 2011 and Istanbul 2013, and also during the recently held 3rd conference in Philadelphia. Have a look at the hashtag #ebneo2015 on Twitter.
      I see know that the jENS-meeting in Budapest also has an official Twitter account @2015_jens, and there are live-tweets on the hashtag #jens2015.
      So, don't miss the chance to learn about what's going on in Budapest!

    • Home, at last

      By Stefan Johansson, in 99nicu News,

      Sorry for keeping you waiting but here's finally the Home page, the landing page if you type 99nicu.org in your browser.
      Here we will publish and promote stuff you should not miss. In addition to such articles, you can find out about the most recent topics and posts in the forums, as well as the latest blog entries.
      Did I say that Home looks great in smartphone and tables  ?

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