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  • 99nicu News

    • Stefan Johansson
      99nicu has taken the step to Instagram!
      Follow on https://www.instagram.com/99nicu/
      This idea was brought up by @piatkat in discussion within the new extended 99nicu Team.
      Our plan with this new channel... yet to be fully determined, but presence where many others are present is generally a good thing

    • We have re-introduced our auto-generated Newsletter.
      It will come on Wednesdays, and include practically all updates in the forums, the blogs, the Links Directory etc-etc. I hope this will not be too frequent interval, and instead facilitate you to keep updated and also help you to join discussions, post your own topics etc-etc.
      Most of you probably subscribe to this since before. If not, go to your Account Settings and make sure to activate it.
      It is key that your email address assoiciated with your membership is up-to-date. A memberships with an invalid email address will be cleared from our database.


    • We welcome Vicky Pane @Vicky Payne and Katarzyna Piatek @piatkat  to the 99nicu Team!
      Vicky is an Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (ANNP) and Principal Teaching Fellow from the U.K. She teaches trainee ANNPs on the MSc of Advanced Clinical Practice at the University of Southampton, and is interested in the translation of evidence into practice and implementation of evidence in practice. She is currently undertaking a PhD studying the implementation of care bundles to reduce central line-associated bloodstream infections in the neonatal intensive care unit.
      Katarzyna is a polish physician, currently working full-time on her Ph.D. research project within the Baby-friendly Ventilation Study Group in Turku, Finland. She is passionate about family-centered care and meaningful parental presence in the NICU. Enthusiast of Latin dances, Polish cuisine, and Finnish nature (excluding mosquitos and snow in May).
      Both Vicky and Katarzyna have been strong 99nicu supporters and advocates for a long time, lecturing on our (pre-Covid) annual conferences, moderating webinars and being active members on the forums. @Francesco Cardona and I am very happy to have you coming onboard in the 99nicu Team! We will achieve great things together!

    • Today on #WorldPrematurityDay2020, we share a special thought to all infants/children born prematurely and their families. Naturally, we would also like to tribute NICU staff globally working so hard to help infants and families afflicted by preterm birth.
      Every year, ~15M infants are born prematurely. Most survive to healthy lives but preterm birth is also the leading cause of death in children <5y.

    • You can now beta-test the 99nicu smartphone app
      99nicu.org is based on a software package from Invision Community, and they are now offering "app"-functionality that we can now beta-test. The app is focusing on the discussion forums, the core feature of a web community. 
      The current version of the app is a 'multi-community' app; i.e. a directory of communities using this software. This means that you install an app called "Communities By Invision" and within that app marks 99nicu as your favourite/starting page.
      Later, probably during 2021, it will be possible for us to get a "stand-alone" app.
      First of all, install the app:
      Link for iOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/bzsWOXFO Link for Android: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.invisioncommunity.communities  
      Start the app and you will see the following - click on the and "Education" category
      Scroll down to find "99nicu" and tick mark the "+" to make 99nicu your favourite

      Off you go

    • I am very glad to welcome Concord Neonatal as our latest Supporting Bronze Partner.
      Concord Neonatal is a pioneering neonatal care company. They provide the Concord Birth Trolley® , enabling neonatal caregivers to provide lifesaving care with the umbilical cord intact for as long as needed. Close to mom, the baby gets maximum benefit from the blood from the placenta, up to the moment it is breathing on its own.
      We are very happy for this partnership.  With its unrestricted educational grants to 99nicu, Concord Neonatal will help us cover costs for maintenance, development and technical support of 99nicu. As "there is no free lunch", we are very thankful for this financial support. 
      Also check out the other Partners on our Partner Page.

    • New look!

      By 99nicu.org, in 99nicu News,

      The software platform for 99nicu.org is now updated to the latest version.
      This brings a new look to the web site  but more importantly, the update adds some new functionalities that paves the way for an upcoming smartphone app.
      Lets hope we soon can have 99nicu practically on our finger tips! 
      (although the mobile web version of 99nicu also works great, check out 99nicu.org on your smartphone too)

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