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Neobiomics & non-profit probiotics for preterm infants

Stefan Johansson


I would like to open a secret box of mine :)

Like many others, I have been trying to get hold on a probiotics product for the preterm infants I care for. For years.

I discussed the lack of a suitable probiotics product with Philipp Novak, founder of the orphan drug start-up company Orphanix, and together we set out on a mission - to provide a probiotics product specifically designed for preterm infants. In a non-profit business model, "from the community - to the community"

Since early 2016, we have been working with this project, framed within Neobiomics AB, our non-profit company registered in Sweden.

Thanks to our supportive CSR partners, we have reached the final stages of the project. The product will go into production according to GMP and in an FDA-approved facility during Q4-2017.

Stay tuned...!




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Sounds interesting. Can you supply me with information about the ingredients? And one comment: Not a further newsletter, please. My email account is full of it.

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