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Our neonatal services



Dear colleagues....

Our neonat medicine started in my town Gaza in the 70's, thanks to my professor DR. salwa Aman who alone started the work that time,,,it is was a sort of primitive stuff, she started to collect donations from here and there to build ,buy incubators and other equipment....things went further but slowly on....many of our staff got the training and experience from neighbouring countriers..so we progressed further...forgot to say that i joined dr salwa inطher syruggle to build a neonatal service in early 80's....finally here we are with well-built NICU: 30 incubators, 18 are intensive care, 15 ventilators not so advanced but ok...a staff of 16 physicians, 34 nurse serving 1000 deliveries a month in our hospital,Shifa Hospital..so what do think of our professional journey?..write t o me much like to hear from you...


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Dear Thabit,

very interesting story. Neonatal services are really located in all corners of the world, although condititions vary of course.

1000 deliveries a month, that's a lot. Are your number of beds/incubators enough for this large number of birth?

It would be interesting to see some pictures too!

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Dear Thabet,

Good to know that you are still there working in meonatology, I wish we could meet again,

Just talked to Miki Karplus, we wish you both Eid Karim

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