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Update on the Probiotics Project

Stefan Johansson


As 2017 comes to an end, I'd like to post an update on the probiotics project.

You may have read previous blog posts about Neobiomics (here and here), a not-for-profit project that will provide probiotics specifically manufactured for preterm infants, “from the community, to the community”. Launch is planned for Q1 2019.

The probiotics will fulfill specific needs:

  • three bacterial strains documented in a large clinical trial (i.e. the ProPrems trial)
  • manufactured according to GMP, fulfilling the highest possible quality grade (21 CFR Part 106, “Infant Formula grade”)
  • freeze-dried bacterias with superior stability and long shelf-life
  • single dose units (aluminium foil stickpack) to virtually eradicate the risk of contamination

If you would be interested to use this probiotics product in your NICU, visit this page and submit the form to ensure yourself to learn when this product will become available.

That's all for now about this exciting project :) 





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