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Project SHIP



Project SHIP Questionnaire  

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Dear Colleagues,

I am a consultant neonatologist from Southampton United Kingdom.

We have run a quality improvement initiative with regards to thermal outcomes in in preterm neonates admitted to the NICU after birth called Project SHIP. This involves standardising management of preterm birth from before delivery to admission to the NICU. As part of this we are doing a short survey on practice in this regard world wide.

I would be grateful if you could answer a few questions in this regard.

Dr Alok Sharma
Twitter: @draloksharma74



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We use a servo control temperature probe during resuscitation and upon admission- transport is to only time we do not have servo control available.

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Gayle that's fantastic. We use servocontrol as well just like you and cannot monitor in transport. We do however do a digital temperature just before we leave the delivery area to make sure it correlates and on arrival in the NICU because distances are large. It just means that if a baby is hypothermic at any point that becomes a point at which to intervene. Using this we have had only one preterm baby with a temperature under 36.5C last year. This was without increasing rates of hyperthermia on our NICU. We used a standardised protocol (www.mproveacademy.com go to scenarios and look at https://www.mproveacademy.com/mprove-academy/scenario-bank)


You are looking for Thermal Care.



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Great job, we should standardise it accros the board and all over the world 😢 

my answers are from my current hospital but I can say that 8n my previous hospital we were following NRP including standardized communication, we did mock codes almost every week. For thermomanagement we used servo control in L&D room during resuscitation tohether with NeoHelp from Vygon and heated resuscitaire. We always checked temp immediately after arrival to NICU. Also we checked room temp of our res room in L&D. Our neonates were on servo mode immediately after arrival to NICU. 

Good luck with your QI project. 

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Thanks Zuzanna we already have. We have implemented standard practice of placing the resuscitaire temperature probe in the baby's axilla after birth. The resuscitaire is switched to servocontrol at 37 C. At 5 minutes if the baby is still hypothermic a gel matress is added. The key is there is a dedicated person monitoring the temperature throughout the resuscitation. We have had a significant improvement in our thermal outcomes over the past year. The key thing is whether this is sustained. 




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