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Sim Devices for teaching NLS & ALS:Day @EMS2019

Jelli KA


Last month I got a chance to day pass at ems2019 to get an update on hospital tranfer#picu by la paz and update on  ilcor peadiatric resus by Dr Maconochiel who gave us an insight into how guidelines are elaborated -quite complex.I also the tech lover and intetact  resus decives. The  
Mechanical for compression in for fevices look impressive , and fumctional .I was suprised to see many there are available to date x adult use only.

My NLS Top medical devices -tried and tested

Monivent(wireless &app). @99NICU so easy to use and it does show the volume needed and how softly you have to press the mask for proper Ventilation.
Glad to Paul extensive high skill training , impressised complete with video screens -vocal cords.

Brayden @ems2019
new baby manikin (coming soon) great sim as the illumination lines show you when you are putting in  depth and the correct rhythm.

The adult and pediatric manikins works, glad I could try all three.

Adults @ems2019
Lifeband #zoll 👌 visual and descriptive demostration of cardiac arrest scenaritrauma

e the mechanical compression can continue as the patient is move to a a safer place. While it was stationary it was also also allow clinicians to administer drug or can use the defibililator.

In all was was most engaging   challenge to teach about ALS/PLS . Instead if just getting a freebee you had to participate in rheir scenarios.

Respirator portable :no o2 short journey .as it has a compressor. 02 Optional port for longer journey

Charges:epocc from siemmes health seems a like alternative to istat cartiges if need a change. This thing  cartiges  Allow for testing of 11 items , as well as a capillary option too. The best feature in terms of transport is the don't require refrigeration.      

Add Perks -
incubator for transfer MRI.allow less handling of the neonate,  certainly smaller and more elegant.

Clotting granules .These are ganulea that you our onto a bleeding site. look good for trauma

Pic of a good transport monitor and compact with optoon to print by corpus credit: corpus minutor

z--/DISCLAIMER: I have no ties or Funding from the companies reviews---.z

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