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To my fellow Ph.D. students- #StayTheFuckHome



Dear fellow Ph.D. students, full-time researchers, and other fellow scientists,

please #staythefuckhome. In many grant proposals, we write "this research has the potential to save lives, because... ". Let's face it- most of our research won't save lives (or at least not at once)*. No matter how fantastic our research projects are, science takes time. But what can actually save lives immediately is US STAYING HOME. This way we - the (relatively) young people in big academic campuses- won't be spreading the virus that might be deadly for others: for an old lady in the shop (who takes care of her ill husband at home), our senior supervisor (who is also an attending in the unit, so in case he gets sick, they would be running understaffed), a young mother (who will have only moderate symptoms, but will have to arrange some care for her children- possibly transferring them to her own parents, exposing them to an infection).

Let's think outside of our own bubble. I don't know if there's much more we can do, but if we are lucky, it might be just enough.

Work from home, write from home, think from home, read from home. We always complain that there's not enough time to read and learn- here's your chance!

And if your main area of interest is neonatology, there's a fantastic treat for you- if you stay home. Karolinska NIDCAP Training and Research Center organizes a *fabulous* online conference. Go to their  pages, write an email (stina.klemming@sll.se) and get your link to access this amazing event. 

Kind regards,

Katarzyna #staythefuckhome Piatek

*unless you're actually working on the vaccine or new drug for coronavirus- then just keep working ❤️ 

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1 hour ago, Stefan Johansson said:

Great post!

And I admit I had to Google that hashtag :)... and found https://staythefuckhome.com/

For months I've been dreaming to have a possibility to work from my sofa in my pyjamas. Now my dreams are coming true 😅

I keep hearing from people "oh but there's nothing you can do about it!" and it just triggers me. We can all contribute to improve the safety of the most fragile citizens by undertaking some measures. At least in this sense we are not completely "powerless"!

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