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COVID19 Questions and Hopefully Answers!



Good morning or evening everyone!

As we move thorough these turbulent times everyone has questions about how this story will end.  My experience with social media has been one that has been evolving for some time.  Recently with so many questions about COVID19 I opted for setting up Facebook Live video sessions and although they aren't a visual question and answer session they do allow for people who are watching to make comments.  One of my favourite sessions so far has been with Stefan from 99nicu as shown here!


As the number of discussions builds you will be able to find them posted all in this one playlist that I hope you will find helpful.  It is so important to remember that while all we seem to hear about these days is COVID19 the reality is that we are still in the infancy of our understanding of this disease.  When you think of the 250 or so reported cases of neonatal outcomes remember that many conditions have thousands upon thousands or millions of cases to help our understanding of the disease.  In the case of COVID19 we are in a period where I fear there will be much back and forth or whipsawing as small but important reports have the chance of moving the needle substantially.  If you find all of this confusing don't worry you are not alone.  It is my hope though to help you with your jouney along the way.

As mentioned here is the link to the playlists for all COVID19 related videos including several simulations for resuscitation which perhaps your centre will find useful for planning in the event you do find yourself faced with such a delivery.




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Do you bathe/wipe down your suspected Covid-19 neonates?

What do you use for a ventilated or critically ill premature suspected Covid-19 neonates


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We would do so but to be truthful we have had a very low burden of COVID illness in my province and so haven't had to deal with this issue of cleaning yet.  If we had a ventilated infant with covid we would use an uncuffed tube but still put a viral filter on the inspiratory and expiratory limb of the ventilator.  We would also put them in a negative pressure isolation room

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