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Humanizing Care NICU : Management with Compassion

Jelli KA


Today I sharing ‘tis post from HUGES a great. Organization dedicated to humanizing care in intensive care settings and emergency services. I particularly by this webinar on humanize. Management starting with leading with empathy, simply things that can be hard to achieve, but make us think
Speakers suggests a few things to start with :
J. Carlos March - Profesor  EASP
{Escuela Salud Publica- Public Health Institute of Andalucia}  Director of School of patient.
Focus aligning Humility, vision and Values. Suggests
  1. Emphasizing clear communication so that it flows with the team. Those we should aim to think in we .
  2. Leading can choose the words we say to br
  3. Proactive with self care and link up with stake holder in the community.
  4. Be awareness t ok to question , as when we question we can find ways to things better and learn.
Chelo Nurse , Nursing Director ( Poniente Region) gives a glimpse Difference humanizing project going on.
  1. Support each other and encourage the team to mindfully disconnect. For example Dosify info in this time of corovirus,so it not in a constant loop
  2. Have a dynamic & shared metrology to features to perinatal programs
  3. Cuidado co mimo in NICU : NICU care beyond family centered.
  4. Siempre en mi Mi. Supporting mums in perinatal death.


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