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Humanize Care Neonatal Transport in Spain.

Jelli KA


Fantastic put together webinar by neonatal transport Seneo work neonatal transport group. Here are some  favorite suggestions.

🔷Ear Muffs

🔷Air mattress

🔷Blanky with mum swell 

🔷Fuzzy toy.

🔷Thank the Drivers : Be aware of G force driver have take with sudden break. 

🔹Consider 🚑 design allow all to have a better transport experience.



          From my perspective it was   Interesting the neonatal transport   Landscape is diverse from the pioneering region Catalonia that NICU/PICU in 1995(🟢) to other regions that don’t.  For example, Galicia have a private providers. Madrid & Valencia have dedicated Neonatal teams ( light 🔵). Some team's like the Balear region team have available helicopters/planes.  Below is map showing the situation.Regions in
🛑 done by regional Emergency Teams.

            Benchmarking there work in a effort to improve the quality, provide constructive feedback and find ways to better ways to collaborate. Benchmarking and humanize care are interlinked with each other.

They also underlined that need to keep in constant communication between the transport teams and the coordination hub.



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