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NICU non graduates



I always wonder how the resource poor parents , will manage to give rehab for the NICU non graduate.We do our best and once the baby is fit to be discharged, the onus of giving the best care falls on the parent (in india).

Are we justified in doing heroics to save the baby or just decide for the parents whether to continue the critical care for the newborn? If i make a decision for the parents can i call myself as a health care professional or some one with a ego to decide to let the baby live ?

If the parents are poor and if the critical care is going to cost much ,which will increase the debt burden is it better for them to have the next baby which is economical ( i am sorry for the word). These questions are always with me whenever we get a poor father.

I can not tell whether i have made all good decisions but few times i got verbally abused when after all our efforts the baby dies or they want to go home because of financial reasons


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Thanks for sharing your thoughts regarding this issue.

Although Sweden is a different country, I have had similar feelings when I think about the different conditions infants will go home to. And I have experienced anger from parents whose children suffer from sequele after severe illnesses too.

My personal opinion is that parents should have impact on level-of-care in high-risk situations. But, although we can never foresee the future, we must also act in the best interest of the baby, i.e. the person to whom we give our neonatal care.

Still, we act with probable scenarios before our eyes. Probabilities are problematic, given the fact that they only give us figures on a group level. For the individual baby, many outcomes are either 0 or 100%, making probabilities less useful when discussing risks with parents.

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