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The Evidence-based Neonatology conference - we will be back!

Stefan Johansson


Ten days have passed since the conference Evidence-based Neonatology closed, and all speakers and delegates travelled back to their 35 countries. We have not yet received the results from the course evaluation, but I believe the conference was a great success! At least, many delegates and speakers told us that it was!

I hope we will not disappoint the many delegates who asked for the 2nd EBNEO conference...

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I am very happy we managed to make EBNEO happen. Our original plan was to house the conference at a venue in the archipelago. However, in March when we had to make the definite booking, the number of delegates was far from enough to make the event possible. And, I hereby admit... it was close that we cancelled the whole thing... but we decided to move meeting to Karolinska university hospital. "The rest is history" :)

Personal impressions and reflections from these days:

(if you feel uncertain about what I mean, see the conference at http://webbtv.nu/ebneo2011)

  • Textbooks are out, Internet is the new cool :cool:
  • Diagnostic tests for sepsis - there is no Holy grail. (but a combo of CRP, IL-8, and six other markers might do part of the trick)
  • Catheter-related infections CAN be prevented.
  • Hyperbilirubinemia is difficult to pronounce many times in a row, but it is important to have clear instructions how to handle it.
  • CPAP is good for preterm infants. And surfactant too.
  • Individual patient data meta-analysis, sounds boring but is a really cool tool!
  • Hypothermia is safe and prevents brain injuries in some, but 50% of cooled babies still have an adverse outcome.
  • Better drugs for treatment of neonatal seizures are needed.
  • Inotropes starting on D are commonly used, but maybe we should use these drugs in alphabetical order instead. (adrenalin...)
  • PDA treatment: there is no jury out. Yet.
  • Oxygenation - don't use to much (term infant), AND don't use too little (preterm infants).
  • Prevent BPD - and you don't need to treat it.
  • iNO in preterm infants: so much effort into the EUNO study for... nada.
  • Want to reduce NEC - travel to Japan!
  • Prevent pain. If this is not possible, treat it well!
  • ROP? www.winrop.com
  • Does family-centered care make dads sad?
  • Questionnaire on priorities - it is important to know what the parents are thinking.
  • Neonatal research idea? Think big! Think together!


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