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Quality is always linked to capabality and result out put. Number of Intact survivals devided by number of admission is the indicater of quality if Nicu.

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NICU indicators measuring effectiveness and efficiency of care provided by the hospital specially in NICUs.this is one of the outcome measures. Among these is NICU mortality

rate :Nominator /Number of Deaths within NICUs patient census from mortality log book divided by Denominator/Total Number of NICUs discharged patients

(including the deaths) from discharge register. The data will be recorded as proportion and have to be done monthly

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Besides from death, neonatal morbidities in VLBW (benchmarking with the Spanish network SEN1500), we also use Temperature on admission and nutricional z scores (weight, lenght and cephalic circumference) at discharge. And use of breast milk at discharge.

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