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We want to help NICUs in the Ukraine, this is the dedicated space for that where we aggregate information. Browse Discussions and Pages with info about how to support and how to be supported. If you have info you want to post, please post in the Discussion page or email Katarzyna Piatek <kbpiat@utu.fi>, Francesco Cardona <francesco.cardona@meduniwien.ac.at> or Stefan Johansson <stefan.johansson@99nicu.org>
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  2. Hello! I have contact with a nurse who is going back and forth between Norway and Ukraine where she works in the field. Right now they have raised some money (about 4000 €) to help with equipment for enabling phototherapy of neonates in Cherson hospital. Does anyone here have contacts; industrial, hospitals knowing of used (but working) material or anything in this area that might help? Regards Dr Pontus Johansson
  3. I wanted to share a new fund raising campaign started by the UK-based charity British Ukrainian Aid. They run a dedicated campaign to supply equipment and medications to the Ukrainian maternity centres and NICUs. https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/saving-babies-lives-in-ukraine
  4. Irish colleagues airlifted Ukrainian patient to Ireland. https://twitter.com/transport_neo/status/1505611005312831494?s=20&t=fP2I3GwnBeaK60jwfwvomA
  5. hey there here are organizations 🟡Medikamente für die Kleinsten – Deutsche Stiftung Kranke Neugeborene (DSKN) https://www.betterplace.org/de/projects/106791-medikamente-fuer-die-kleinste DSKN organizer of Dresden Symposium with ESPR raising funds for medication and medical supplies fo NICUs in Ukraine 🇺🇦 . Below a few words about the project. “A few years ago I visited some neonatal institutions in Kyiv. On site, we supported our colleagues in improving the care of premature and sick newborns. Now the call for help has reached us that the medical care of the little patients can no longer be guaranteed. Vital medicines for the newborns are urgently needed. The German Foundation for Sick Newborns would like to send the urgently needed medicines to the Ukraine and thus help their colleagues”- Prof. Mario Rüdiger ( translated to English ) 🔵 Tantaka is an organization that collaborates with the Spanish Red Cross and Caritas to fund medicines, food and logistical cost in the UK Vía la Universidad de Navarra.
  6. https://www.euro.who.int/en/media-centre/sections/press-releases/2022/who-is-working-day-and-night-to-keep-medical-supply-chains-open-and-preserve-ukraines-health-system
  7. Please add any information or resources you have for transporting infants or pregnant women out of Ukraine. We have compiled lists of material for example. Here is a list of needed items for neonatal transport as recommended by Rosemarie Boland, Australian Neonatal Transport Nurse https://twitter.com/piatkat/status/1501482359748706305?s=20&t=RiFIoWIiu5ak4M6HUWYnhw https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vA1Ixm-j7LtbU5nrGULW5zZE5avklXLnRpv9ihsDBlk/edit?usp=sharing Equipment list for neonatal transport.pdf
  8. This is just barbarian. What is wrong with a world where things like this can happen?
  9. Hi I am a neonatologist at Aarhus University Hospital, Central Region, Denmark. Our region have 4 NICUs. Three with infants from GA > 28 weeks (CPAP/HNF) and one tertiary. I am at the tertiary NICU, which handle full spectrum from GA22 (only urosurgery). We have a well developed transport and stabilisation service with a purpose built ambulance, and an older ambulance for back-up. The Polish/Ukrainian border is approximately a 16-20 hours drive from here, but fix winged aircraft can be a possibility. Also, for unstable children we may be able to assist with transport to a nearer NICU. Our region has a large Ukrainian community in the western parts, and we regularly treat children of Ukrainian descent. Please contact me, if I can be of assistance. Also, if you aware of pregnant women carrying foetuses with need treatment after birth (malformations) or at risk of preterm birth traveling towards Denmark please alert us, so we can arrange obstetric follow up. Jesper Padkær Petersen jesper@rm.dk +4530715171
  10. Dear all, while updates in Discussions are popping up as "Unread content" I just highlight that the updates on the Pages in this space are not being marked up when we add more info on those Pages. For example, the Page with NICUs that can take transferred patients is getting larger and larger! So, please check out the Pages as well when visiting this space for "Support NICUs in Ukraine"
  11. Irish news have shared images of maternity ward / NICU in the basement of a hospital in Ukraine Twitter link
  12. A report in Time magazine on the situation in the children's hospital in Kyiv https://time.com/6152374/children-hospital-kyiv-ukraine-russia/
  13. What is the best way to contact travel nurses best?
  14. I am a Neonatologist in a Children's Hospital in Athens, Greece. We offer a full range of medical and surgical care in outborn newborns. Accepting for care premature babies - sick newborns from Ukrain will need to be coordinated by our Ministry of Health. Iam sure that if there is a need this will be done with fast tract procedures that i am willing to raise. In any case i can assist with transportation - work in the area Pls contact Angela at angelanika@doctors.net.uk
  15. Many neonatal and pediatric travel nurses in the USA are available to help in any way possible
  16. I am a Neonatologist in USA.... I wish I could help taking preemies into our NICU but USA is far away and is impossible to do so. But, I am willing to come to EU to help as a Neonatologist if possible.
  17. @NHowold thanks! I added a short version of your info on "My NICU can help page" above https://99nicu.org/clubs/page/8-my-nicu-can-help/
  18. I am a neonatologist in Wolfsburg, lower Saxony in Germany. We are a level 1 (highest level in Germany) perinatal unit and could take neonates or preterm babies from the Ukraine. All preterms except babies with congenital heart diseases who need immediate surgery or neonates who need dialysis. The number of patients we can take is dependent on the seriousness of their illness. We can offer accommodations for the mother as well. I am able and willing to assist with transportation. If our transport incubator and vehicle can be used is evaluated at the moment. Please feel free to contact us Nele.howold@klinikum.wolfsburg.de
  19. UNICEF has also called for action to help children who are currently threatened due to the war in Ukraine https://www.unicef.org/emergencies/conflict-ukraine-pose-immediate-threat-children
  20. If you feel you can offer help, please let us know in this thread. *Right now we are trying to understand what are the actual needs there, so please visit this page again soon for updated information*. Please specify where are you located and what are your possibilities (eg. accepting patients from Ukraine, arranging transfer, arranging transportation of medical equipment, collecting medical equipment).
  21. If you are aware about a verified fundraiser for children or medical needs in Ukraine, please let us know in this thread.
  22. One of the first reports was from a NICU in Dniepro, Eastern Ukraine, featured staff caring for babies in a bomb shelter during the first days of the invasion (feb 24 2022). https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/02/24/world/russia-attacks-ukraine/newborns-at-a-dnipro-childrens-hospital-moved-into-bomb-shelter
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