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  2. hello thank you very much for answering me, the population are patients under 1000gs who for sepsis, nec, dap remain with npt for more than 10 days what strategy in the npt assembly with respect to lipid glucose proteins can prevent cholestais, and even during cholestasis that npt could use
  3. Can you clarify if you are referring to premature infants with intact bowel or post-surgical short gut/intestinal failure patients? Your options/goals are somewhat different in each setting.
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  5. Hi everybody how are you Lately we are seeing an increase in neonatal Cholestasis associated to parenteral nutrition, they could help me with some strategy to prevent it. thank you the population are patients under 1000gs who for sepsis, nec, dap remain with npt for more than 10 days what strategy in the npt assembly with respect to lipid glucose proteins can prevent cholestasis, and even during cholestasis that npt could use
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  7. Thank you for asking this question! We use a Philips Affiniti 70 device in our unit (we are tertiary NICU in England). We are on the lookout for a second scanner for pure cardiac ultrasonography purposes. Few other tertiary units in our region use a GE Vivid S70N. Would be good to know what others use and do kindly share your experiences please.
  8. We use a Siemens sequia machine (~10y old), don’t know the model number by heart (on vacation). For CNS imaging we use a 10Mhz probe.
  9. I am using Mindrey M7 US mechine with neonatal cardiac probe (4-12mH) for neonatal cUSS and echo and Adult cardiac probe for TCD and pediatric echo.
  10. Dear All, I would be interested in what kind of ultrasound machine do you use in your unit for performing head scans and echocardiography? Thank you for your answer. Kind regards, Judit
  11. The film is showing our soon to be released product for clinical use in the delivery room - Monivent Neo100. It measures flow via a sensor module wirelessly integrated in the face mask and provides continuous feedback on several ventilation parameters, including tidal volume and mask leakage. We have already a product on the market, Monivent Neo Training intended for ventilation training on manikin. The products are based on the same technology but the major difference is that Monivent Neo100 is intended for clinical use.
  12. Yes, NICU I work in UK, we do use the PN bags for 48hrs and each time they are changed aseptically.
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  14. Sounds like a promising approach if preparation is aseptic. I wonder how many neonatology wards get the same service as you do in the Netherlands!
  15. This is indeed a valid question - I have also thought this myself, We also change every 24 hours BTW. Thanks for sharing that paper, was not aware of it. Would be great to bring this question into a research context (i.e. like large collaborative observational study, presumably with historical controls + some experimental "sham" work). I'd be in such an project
  16. May I ask whether anyone has experience with a prolonged hanging time of a parenteral nutrition (PN) bag (incl lipids) of up to 48h? We are probably changing our PN regimen into an all-in-one bag. Since the bag contains >400 mL, it would suffice for most premature infants for 2 days. One strategy could thus be to prolong hang time from 24h to 48h to cut PN costs by half. A recent Australian study (attached) also suggests this would be a feasible approach: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23320598 Since our pharmacy will do all additions to the bag in an aseptic environment, including connection and filling the line, I think it could be an attractive solution. Also there is an air-filled dripping chamber in the line, so there exists no continuous fluid-filled connection from the patient to the PN-bag. On the other hand, the line would be in place for 48h as well, so this could form a potential risk. We must be sure it is a safe approach though… What are your thoughts and experiences on this matter? Thank you so much, best wishes, Chris van den Akker, neonatologist Amsterdam UMC, the Netherlands
  17. 1-4 ug/kg/h infusions, usually the lower end of that spectrum, titrating by 0.5 to 1 to effect. Obviously respiratory depression is an issue, but these drips are almost exclusively used in intubated patients so less of a concern. Less uniform practice in my group, historically have used methadone or morphine to come off high dose infusions, but we're increasingly using dexmedetomidine for much the same reason/effect as @frvg666 uses clonidine when coming off larger exposures.
  18. we don’t have a written guideline, but if the infant is doing well, and passing urine normally, we’d don’t do renal investigations per routine. However, in infants smaller than -3 SD in weight, we tend to screen more, often also blood and USG for renal morbidities.
  19. Dear Friends, Please visit www.perinatalcovid19.org , a free website that has many resources to help you deal with the covid-19 pandemic. New research on covid-19 is posted here regularly. Hope you find it useful. Please send me information and suggestions that will help serve your needs. Dr. Gautham, Houston, Texas, USA
  20. Dear Colleagues, 

    For important information about covid-19 infection, and for updates about emerging research on this topic, please visit a free website that I am maintaining www.perinatalcovid19.org

  21. Hello I am searching for Centile curves or tables for twins and triplets to Determine if they have IUGR or not . But i can not find . Can any one help me .
  22. We USE clonidine infusion (1.5microgr) 2 - 3 days before we stopp fentanyl infusion if duration of fentanyl was longer than 4-5 days. Almost no withdrawl problems, reduction of clonidine 2-3 days after fentanyl was stopped
  23. We use Peter’s excel file and i can only recommend it!
  24. Hi Alok, We use Fentanyl infusion on our unit, we start with 1 ug/kg/h and titrate depending on the effect. No major side effect experienced (apart from respiratory depression), but we see withdrawal if used for longer period. Most frequently given for postop pain/PPHN etc. Judit
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