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  2. Dear all, can anyone post any guideline to guide us to manage a 7 day old neonate with hypercalcaemia. Trying to get hold off very specific information about when to start Fursemide (the cut off level for cCa), the dose and when to start bisphosphonates? Thank you. BW, Lenka
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  4. The UVC is clearly malpositioned. We could have an academic discussion of what vessel you've ended up in, but that thing is never going to get to the IVC/RA junction. It is also worth noting that the enteric tube appears coiled on itself also needs to be adjusted. Just curious, but was the indication for line placement?
  5. In the top right corner of the site is a link to an English language version of the software, but I did not see extensive English language documentation
  6. I agree with you ..thank you 99nicu ..hope we can add benefit to others as we gain knowledge from them
  7. How are you all I hope fine ...I would like to read your comments about this x ray according to UVC positioning ? Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks so much for your feedback And, it is really all members, like you @tarek that "create" the content and the athmosphere by sharing expertise and experiences. Without that, the would be no community.
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  10. I'm a RRT (Registered Respiratory Therapist), I have worked in a 38 Bed Level III NICU In the U.S.A for twenty years. Rarely, do I use the Neotech little sucker. I prefer the bulb syringe along with NS. Overuse and misuse is a main cause of nasal trauma. The bulb syringe provides an element of feedback, the rate of return to normal after use tells on the degree of or lack of occlusion. The Neotech little sucker has its place but certainly not routinely.
  11. @Dr.Smah Do you mean acute management in nicu for babies whom there mothers are smokers..?
  12. every time I check my email and find 99nicu in the list I feel too much excited every time I visit this site I gain new information and add new knowledge thanks @Stefan Johansson and all 99nicu members love you all❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  13. @Sutirtha Roy waaaaw very nice👌👌👌👌👌 thanks a lot 🙏🙏
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  15. The problem with this population is seldom in the ICU setting (assuming people are not actually smoking in your ICU), however, from my experience as a house officer on a children's hospital pulmonary ward, certainly children with BPD will suffer from a home environment full of smoke (it certainly felt like many of the BPD 'frequent flyers' had parents who smoked while the pulmonary fellows would insist that their BPD clinics were not like this).
  16. Strongly recommending the concept of breastmilk analysis although it is not activated or gets attention in my region
  17. I totally agree and support your point of view when you mentioned that... Many centres lack in dividuals with the confidence and skill to regularly place endotracheal tubes. For these centres it may be that providing nebulized surfactant could delay the time to treatment failure, allowing more time for a trained transport team to arrive.
  18. Much respect to this amazing society Is there any specific considerations in managing neonatal respiratory distress in infant of smoker mother ? Thanks in advance
  19. Another open access article (pdf is freely downloadable) from Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Individualized Medicine (JPNIM) depicting meticulously the Portuguese experience. May be also of interest to the ‘Neos’ concerned about the organizational part of newborn transport and safety hazards. http://www.jpnim.com/index.php/jpnim/article/view/050201 All these journeys are no doubt historical in the context of industrialized world but still 'early neonatal' and ‘premature’, globally. I am also including the systemic review of Pan American initiative (iris PAHO), focusing the challenges faced every now and then on the other side where the grass is yet to be greener. http://iris.paho.org/xmlui/handle/123456789/31317
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  21. How you people r keeping sterilised/disinfected ambu bag in ward /near patient? Hanging bags? Bin? Kept in a corner?each in warmer? What options are available if plastic bags are banned in your state?
  22. This article describes the detailed project aimed to realize a dedicated ground ambulance for neonatal emergency transport service (NETS). https://ijponline.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13052-019-0686-y
  23. As I understand it, MRI is better at detecting who will NOT develop severe developmental abnormalities, so that might be of comfort to parents. But as so often - very few things are black and white...
  24. Thank you! With practice drifting towards resuscitating 22w onwards, I wonder what would be the choice of securing device? Given that we would be using size 2 ETT and NEO-FIT is not recommended. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Dear all, Karolinska University Hospital has published their tube taping practise on Youtube. @Karolinska and Anna Gudmundsdottir - thanks so much for sharing! Nasal tube fixation Oral tube fixation
  26. I fear I may have exposed myself poorly. My concern is less with a ceiling (which implies that I am opposed to escalating levels of care) as opposed to walls or boundaries. By this I mean, my concern is that we sometimes offer families options which have no realistic hope of helping the family achieve their goals of care all because we do not wish to be paternalistic.
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