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  • Upcoming Events

    • 25 April 2024
      Dear colleague,
      We are a group of neonatologists interested in neonatal pharmacology. We have launched worldwide this survey to study neonatal analgesia & sedation management.
      We would really appreciate your expertise and input!
      We´d suggest you to reflect the current management of analgesia and sedation in your NICU.
      The name of the Hospital, that we offer to add at the end of the survey, is requested only to avoid duplicated responses and will be deleted before processing the data. No single person or institution will receive information regarding individual answers to the survey.
      The survey will take 10 minutes or less to complete.
      In case you have any questions or want to comment on something, you can do so via email carribass@unav.es .
      We really appreciate your participation in advance!

      cover letter neonatologist analgesia survey.pdf
    • 03 May 2024 12:00 PM
      Perinatal Care of the Preterm Baby-Epidemiology and Ethics
      This is an online module being organised by the MPROvE Academy starting from the 12th of February till the end of April 2021. The content covered includes limits of viability, prenatal counselling, communication, prognostication, decision making, and a lot more as outlined below. The course has been broken up into content that can be imbibed weekly with a webinar covering that topic. The course has online content, and videos for review by the participants. Participants can access this from anywhere in the world. For more details a video of the course is attached.
      For registration please contact Dr Alok Sharma Consultant Neonatologist on draloksharma74@gmail.com 

    • 18 May 2024 Until 19 May 2024
      The MPROvE neonatal simulation instructor course was established in UK in the year 2012. The concept MPROvE relates to multidisciplinary education of any kind being used to improve the quality of care and/or patient outcomes. The intention is to help institutions, hospitals and teams develop faculty skilled in using simulation and technology enhanced learning as an educational tool for quality improvement, delivery of high-quality neonatal care and to improve neonatal outcomes.
      The MPROvE team delivers the simulation instructor course in 2 modules.
      Module 1 - The module includes a two-day face to face interactive workshop. It comprises of series of interactive lectures, demonstrations and opportunity to practice the skills needed to become a simulation facilitator.
      Module – 2:  This module is a 12-week mentored online sessions to further refine the skills. This also helps to obtain certification as simulation faculty.
      We assure you that you will be become a trained facilitator with required competencies to conduct/ train/ teach at you institutes with confidence. We strongly recommend the programme to all the teachers/trainers/faculty in healthcare to further enhance your overall training skills mainly focusing on translational learning through simulation.
      mprove simulation instructor course.pdf
    • 22 May 2024 Until 25 May 2024

      IPOKRaTES seminars provide high quality postgraduate education, which enables professionals to keep abreast of the most recent developments and offers participants the opportunity to discuss clinical problems or scientific issues personally with international experts.
      “IPOKRaTES under the Acropolis” will focus on specific problems and management of the cardiorespiratory system of the neonate, nutritional needs, growth and infections, particularly of the preterm infant, issues concerning neonatal neurology and topics of general interest in Perinatology.
      For further information and registration, please visit www.ipokrates.info
    • 29 May 2024 12:00 PM Until 31 May 2024 08:00 PM
      Join us for our 4th International Neonatal POCUS Workshop in Sweden!
      Learn all about neonatal hemodynamics and basics and advanced skills in NPE/TNE, Lung-ultrasound and vascular access POCUS.
      More info on www.neonataltraining.org
      Registration is now open and early bird until February 15th!

    • 12 June 2024 Until 14 June 2024
      IPOKRaTES seminars provide high quality postgraduate education which enables professionals to keep abreast of the most recent developments and offers participants the opportunity to discuss clinical problems or scientific issues personally with international experts. This unique seminar offers an excellent insight into dialog of obstetricians and neonatologists, to provide the best possible start in life - also in special risk situations.
    • 03 July 2024 07:00 AM Until 04 July 2024 10:00 PM
      Do's and Don'ts | Best Practice in Neonatology Congress is jointly organized by esteemed organizations Union of European Neonatal & Perinatal Societies (UENPS), and European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI). 
      Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to learn the best practices in neonatal care with top-notch experts in the field. 
      Mark your calendar and stay tuned for more updates at neobestpractice.eu
    • 11 September 2024 07:00 AM Until 13 September 2024 04:00 PM
      The upcoming ECPM 2024 is organized by esteemed European Association of Perinatal Medicine (EAPM). This congress will provide physicians, researchers, trainees and students an excellent opportunity to discuss and explore a wide range of crucial topics in perinatal medicine.
      Stay tuned for more updates on the programme and registration at ecpmcongress.eu
    • 12 September 2024
      Certification in Neonatal Therapy 2021
      Requirements for Certification in Neonatal Therapy include Qualified and Licensed Therapist who is holding Elite membership of Association of Neonatal Therapists. He/she should have completed 40 hours of training in neonatal therapy/care (direct teaching and or webinar), upto 350 hours of Direct Mentoring in Affiliated Set up. Kindly use following checklist for your reference.
      1) Completed Post Graduation (Final year student can apply) 
      2) Active License
      3) Elite Member of Association of Neonatal Therapists
      4) Active professional membership of ANT
      5) 40 hours of training in neonatal therapy (direct teaching / online webinar) ...scrutiny about validity of the courses will be done.
      6 ) 350 + hours of Direct mentoring in affiliated set up - after examination 
      Cost Rs. 40000/- (Approximately)
      7) Exam fees INR 1000/- Rs
      😎 TRAIN Workshop completion (during mentorship)
    • 19 September 2024 06:00 AM Until 20 September 2024 12:30 PM
      The purpose of this workshop is to increase the skills on the use of NAVA ventilation and lung ultrasound (LUS) in the NICUs. This is the first time we combine both modalities to offer the participants two new ways to enlarge their treatment and diagnosis options. Some previous experience and theoretical knowledge of NAVA and LUS as well as suitable equipment is of advantage (Servo-i or Servo-n ventilators, US machine with a LUS compatible probe).

      The workshop will focus on
      - interpretation of the Edi signal - interpretation of LUS findings
      - utilization of the monitoring capabilities - making a diagnosis using LUS
      - individualization of the treatment - implementation of LUS in the NICU
      - implementation of NAVA in the NICU

      We aim to get together a group of NAVA and LUS users at the same level of experience. We encourage you to participate as a team of both doctor and nurse participants.
      The course includes both theory sessions and bedside teaching with the patients on NAVA ventilation in the NICU. LUS examinations will also be performed with NICU patients. Each participant is invited to present a patient case which has a teaching point on either NAVA or LUS.

      The course will be held in September 19-20, 2024 in Turku, Finland by Dr Hanna Soukka, Professor Liisa Lehtonen, Dr Frank Fuchs and Dr Nadya Yousef at the Turku University Hospital.
      You can apply for the course by contacting Hanna Soukka at hanna.soukka@utu.fi. The registration fee is 800 € + taxes including the lunches and refreshments during the workshop. The participants are responsible to arrange their travelling and accommodation by themselves at their own expense. For more information, contact Dr Hanna Soukka, hanna.soukka@utu.fi

      Turku University Hospital
      Majakkasairaala, Savitehtaankatu 5
      Lecture hall Bengtskär, 3rd floor
      Turku NAVA 2024.pdf
    • 03 October 2024 Until 05 October 2024
      IPOKRaTES seminars provide high quality postgraduate education which enables professionals to keep abreast of the most recent developments and offer participants the opportunity to discuss clinical problems or scientific issues personally with international experts.
      This program will focus on:
      1. Discuss current controversies related to nutrition of the neonate such as   donor milk use, parenteral nutrition strategies, enteral nutrition composition   and advancement, microbial therapeutics and optimization of breast feeding.
      2. Appraise recent research related to optimization of nutrition for preterm   infants.
      3. Discuss implementation strategies for scientifically based nutritional guidelines.
      4. Summarize recent advances in technology for evaluation of intestinal function.
      5. Generate novel research roadmaps for early recognition and prevention of   adverse outcomes such as “Necrotizing Enterocolitis”, “Bronchopulmonary   Dysplasia,”, Retinopathy of Prematurity, Late Onset Sepsis and Growth Failure   in preterm infants using artificial intelligence/machine learning and multiomic   integration.
    • 26 October 2024 05:00 AM Until 27 October 2024 02:00 PM
      The MPROvE Academy is organising an international simulation instructor course in the Middle East on the 26th and 27th of October 2024 at the Beach Rotana Hotel in Abu Dhabi.      Background Maintaining a comprehensive approach to healthcare emergency preparedness is at the forefront of departments in Paediatrics and Neonatology across the Middle East. One of the key components is to build a competent, skilled, and compassionate healthcare workforce through inter-professional education and training in patient safety. Simulation-based training plays a pivotal role in quality improvement and patient safety. Importantly, the role of simulation is not limited to training health care professionals; it has the potential to act as an excellent tool for systems and facility changes, which in turn improves patient safety and outcomes. Although simulation training has been in practice in other industries, such as aviation, for a long time, healthcare professionals are still learning to implement this teaching modality to help MPROvE patient outcomes, patient safety and Quality of Care.   Advanced Simulation Instructor Training- One of the most important prerequisites for simulation training is trained faculty who are accredited and credible in the delivery of health care simulation.. There is an abundance of medical faculties across the Middle East wanting higher skills in simulation-based education. Therefore, MPROvE academy has taken the initiative to introduce this “Training the Trainer programme” to healthcare professionals who are already medical teachers and experienced clinicians. Since 2012 we have trained and run simulation courses for thousands of clinicians, nurses, RTs and health care practitioners. This course helps to train individuals to become simulation facilitators, but the aim is the faculty development of multidisciplinary teams. Our program offers comprehensive training about simulation-based methodology in running simulations, debriefing, and advanced principles that make it a modality of improving staff performance and patient outcomes. Training includes learning how to develop faculty, run and administer programmes cost-effectively and use simulation and technology-enhanced learning as a tool in their set-up. The MPROvE team delivers the simulation instructor course in 2 modules.
      Module 1 - The module includes a two-day face-to-face interactive workshop. It comprises a series of interactive lectures, demonstrations and opportunities to practice the skills needed to become a simulation facilitator. It introduces participants to simulation and debriefing in neonatology, accident and emergency medicine, anaesthetics, Obstetrics and paediatrics.
      Module 2:  This module is a 12-week mentored online session to refine the skills further. This also helps to obtain certification as a simulation facilitator and trainer. We assure you that you will become a trained facilitator with the required competencies to confidently conduct/ train/ teach at your institutes. Module 2 enables advanced practice, formal accreditation of skills and formal certification.
      We strongly recommend the programme to all the healthcare teachers/trainers/faculty to further enhance their overall training skills, mainly focusing on translational learning through simulation.
      For further details and to register  please go to (Website and Registration)-MPROvE MultiPROfessional Simulation Education (mproveinternational.com)
    • 15 November 2024 02:30 AM Until 17 November 2024 12:33 AM
      THEME: Neonatal Therapy to Strengthen the Maternal-Neonatal Bond

      15-17TH NOVEMBER, 2024



      Assessments in the NICU - Sanika Gawade

      Assessment, Intervention, and Transition Home for Feeding in the NICU - Shailaja Jaywant

      Relationship Based Intervention in the NICU - Hemant Nandgaonkar

      Newer Trends in the Positioning in the NICU - Geetha M. Arora, Delhi

      Post Discharge Monitoring the of NICU Graduates - Usha Kasar

      AFTER 1ST APRIL, 2024 
      MEMBERS - Rs. 5775/-
      NON MEMEBERS Rs. 7500/-

    • 15 November 2024 02:30 AM Until 17 November 2024 01:09 PM
      Begin early to prevent Autism
    • 17 November 2024
      The 17th of November each year is the World Prematurity Day. Originally started by parent organisations in Europe in 2008, the World Prematurity Day is an international event aiming at high-lighting the ~15 million infants born preterm each year.
      Read more about this day on the March of Dimes web site, and on Facebook.
    • 17 November 2024 12:00 PM Until 01:00 PM
      World Prematurity Day 2022
      Individualized Newborn Developmental Intervention Application – Evidence-based (INDIA EBUS) for Preterm Babies
      Because advances in preterm neonatal survival have overtaken advances in preterm birth prevention, the impact of long-term problems on these survivors is becoming more well recognised. Extreme prematurity's neurologic implications range from moderate behavioural and cognitive abnormalities to severe impairment. The goal of perinatal neuroprotection is to reduce these effects. Let's discuss about how we can make a difference with new and revolutionary INDIA EBUS (Individual Newborn Developmental Intervention Application – Evidence-based & Ultra SMART).
      At the end of presentation, the participants will be able to
      • Enumerate five different aspects of Developmental care of the preterm babies.
      • Justify the need of Individualized Developmental Intervention in the NICU
      • Explain at least three environmental modifications and stimulation as per the age of the premature baby.
      Duration – 45 minutes
      Date – 17th November, 2022 @1730 hours.
      Venue –
      Ace children’s Hospital, Dombivli
      Star Colony, Nandivali Panchanand, Dombivli East, Dombivli, Maharashtra 421201

      Speaker –
      Hemant Nandgaonkar, Occupational Therapist, Mumbai.
      Hemant is Mumbai based Occupational Therapist. He is currently the President of the Association of Neonatal Therapists in India and the Faculty for Development and Supportive Care for Newborns and Children.
      Neonatal nurses, neonatologists, paediatricians, Gynaecologists, Neonatal therapists and all other stakeholders involved in NICU care
      To register
      World Prematurity Day Ace.pdf
    • 18 March 2025 03:30 AM Until 21 March 2025 11:30 AM
      Update on
      Neurodevelopmental Care in NICU
        This workshop will concentrate on evidence-based therapeutic intervention programmes in the NICU and provide participants with tools, methods, and improved critical problem-solving abilities. An emphasis will be placed on the NICU environment, sensory experience, and feeding routines that best promote developmental care and offer neuroprotection. There will be group activities with practical takeaways for your own NICU.
      1.    Discuss key concepts of neuroprotection and stress in the NICU and how the neonatal therapist plays a role.
      2.    Prepare therapeutic interventions and strategies for the environment, positioning, feeding, sleep, and family support.
      3.    Develop developmental care for your practice with the very low birth weight infant, the late preterm, and infants with HIE.
      4.    Demonstrate at least 25 strategies learned to create change in the NICU regarding neurodevelopmental care.

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