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There are so many of them as usual but for schematic approach you may try this one:


and I also found these teaching aides very useful by Mark Kadrofske and William Herring

[but I just realized that due to upload constraints those files can't be attached along with this reply.I will better try to send you the links instead].:eek:

Warm Wishes Always


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Welcome "Jack".

But I must mention the links,resources or any other food for thought concerning the realm of neonatology provided by Stefan and you I believe,- are simply unique!

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I have published educational neonatal iPhone apps as mentioned below. My latest iPhone app will be Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease(CCHD), most common conditions are mentioned in this iPhone app on a colored wheel format as shown in file attached to this wheel(as a sample page). This iPhone app will not only have the big wheel showing all congenital heart conditions but also, it can seen as a sector of wheel showing each cardiac condition in detail. It will have X-rays, EKGs, ECHOs inserted as hyperlinks. Please see file, prototype of CCHD Wheel one side of it shown.

I am currently in need of Xrays, EKGs, and ECHO of some of congenital heart diseases as mentioned below, to complete the iPhone app and publish. While surfing web, I found your cardiophile.org with plenty of xrays. I would gratefully appreciate if you can share these xrays, EKGs, ECHO(as listed below) if possible. We will be happy to display your or authors names on the Xrays, EKGs, ECHOs in our iPhone app, if that is OK with you.

Please do needful.

1) Ebstein Anomaly: = need xray and ECHO

2) Pulmonary Atresia with Intact ventricular Septum = need xray and ECHO

3) Tricuspid Atresia = need xray and ECHO

4) Tetralogy of Fallot or TOF with PA = need xray and ECHO

5) TGA = Need Xray only

6) Truncus Arteriosus = need xray and EKG

7) TAPVD(Total Anomalous pulmonary venous drainage (Obstructed) = need xray and EKG

8) HLHS(hypoplastic left heart syndrome) = need xray only

9) TAPVD(total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage(Unobstructed) = need ECHO only

Here are my already published iPhone apps(free to download):

1) "NICU": Neonatal MCQs for Docs: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nicu/id330746955?mt=8

2) "Neonatal Nurse": MCQs for nurses:


3) "Bili Wheel": management of neonatal jaundice, bedside tool:


4) "Sugar Wheel": management of neonatal hypoglycemia, bedside tool:


Thanks so much for your help in advance.

Dr. Morarji Peesay, MD FAAP

Assistant Professor

Division of Neonatal Perinatal Medicine

Georgetown University Hospital

3800 Reservoir Rd, NW

Washington DC

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