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Painting the NICU walls. Colours? Other considerations?

Guest maryzein

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Guest maryzein

Hi, it may b a strange question , we decided to change the wall color of our nicu , is there an ideal color for nicu according to studies or according to experiences? Thanks

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our nicu has white glazed tiles upto 6 feet(easy cleaning).

Another on nicu "What colors should we use in the NICU?

Again, each unit will have a design concept that is specific to a NICU located in a particular part of the world. The color scheme will be generated by the design concept, and, thus, providing advice about the “best” or “right” color scheme is difficult. However, we know that color can contribute to our health and well being, and that full-spectrum color such as that found in daylight is best. If daylight is limited, we can supplement its effects with light and color added into the environment. “Full-spectrum” color does not mean that we need to paint rainbows in each unit, but that a range of color should appear in the space. In developing a color scheme, begin with a careful inventory of features of the environment that cannot change such as hardware (eg, “brass” hardware is yellow) and exit signs (red or green). These and other unchanging features of the environment should be acknowledged and incorporated into the scheme rather than ignored. Also remember that color is a property of light and, thus, as light changes, colors also change. This means that a paint color, for example, is perceived differently under fluorescent or incandescent light, and will change again across the course of the day as our day lighting conditions change.

Ref :http://www.pediatrix.com/documents/intdes.pdf

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