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Newborn database

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We are in the process of collecting our newborn data. I want to ask the forum members is there any data base soft ware that we can use for collecting our newborn data, which is also user friendly. and I am also interested to know what others are doing in their units for this purpose.

Many thanks

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Here are my thoughts:

* first think of what data you want to have in the database

* what do you want to do with it (keep track of your clinical data, research etc.)

* how is the database going to be maintained

* security / access issues

once you have established that, go on to choose your software. there are quite a few options out there, but you definitely want to have somebody who is knowledgeable about the software you choose. You probably want to split database software and software for analysis.

I highly recommend this book.

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There is an open-source database platform developed by an Australian neonatologist.


You may also consider to collect your data within the Vermont-Oxford network: http://www.vtoxford.org/

In Sweden, we collect patient-data on a national basis. The database is developed by http://medscinet.com

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We have developed our own local neonatal database in MS-Access. It has being going strong for the past 5 years. It has been very useful for us. Other than being helpful in calculating mortality statistics, it also helps us in seeing the morbidities and its various associations with multiple factors. (Eg. Threshold ROP and Fungal Sepsis ). It helps us plan for the RSV season and calculate our vaccine requirements. It helps us calculate trends, recognize clusters. Excellent for seeing our own performance and improving ourselves. Ms Access being very easy - all the VBA code was done by doctors.

We also do use Google Fusion ( http://www.google.com/fusiontables/public/tour/index.html ). We often upload our data to this, for analysis or when we need to have our data online for access by someone remotely.

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