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rat bites neonate

dr mir

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a rat in the holy family hospital in rawalpindi the twin city of pakistan capital climbed up the cot in the nicu and nibbled the face of the baby esp around the face and nose which looks badly wounded.these rats are found all over the country hospitals where they live in the open drainage systems and may undoubtedly feed on human surgical wastes which is not systematicly disposed in most hospitals.they grow to very large sizes and large numbers.govt took action against doctors and midwife.

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Dr Mir, thanks for your input. Just to avoid subsequent similar incidents; how many babys are looked after by a nurse (nurse/baby ratio)? I am worried that f the baby was left that long; someone may have taken the baby and ran away. You can always use doctors in internship to give hands and also nurse students.

The other aspect is how to avoid rats, other insects from reachnig that holy area. Use mehses, use rodenticides outside the unit. and please please please continous monitoring



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hi sameh sorry as i work in a differrent city far from where this happaned i dont know the details of that specific hospt or nicu,but where i work in the public hospital there is senior and a junior doctor with 2 nurses 5 days a week in the mornings and only one nurse in the evenings and nights for 10 nicu patients along with the out door patients/ emergencies/ referrals from labor room. nurse babby ratio has diurinal and day to day variation ranging from one nurse for 10, to one nurse to 5 patients. baby stealing and baby changing incidnts happen all over the country.have not noticed any rats inside our unit ? but cats do frequent in the gen ward .we dont unnecessaryly help each other, we dont even mind our own buisness too well.in the private sector some centers are better than others,where i work in a private nicu there are 2 to 4 staffing for 8 to 10 patients 2 nurses ,one paramedic one wardboy and a doctor depending who is taking a off and when ,though i hv seen rats outside the building and caught in the traps too. a dr once shared this with me that he over heard the father of premature baby say to the nurse that "sister will you please close the incubator door that cat may not run away with my baby" this happened in tertiary care teaching hospt?!!?

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