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Neonatal Ventilator: How to recognize them

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I'm searching for new equipment and I would like to recognize which technical specifications (apart from pressure/volume) makes the differences -in normal ventilation- between neonatal, infant and pediatric ventilators.

I would like to compare CrossVent4 (BioMed), Fabian (Acutronics), Millenium (Sechrist), and any other else.

Which one do you believe that could be useful for my neonatal surgical unit?.

Thanks you in advance for your help,

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I have only experience of the Ecutronics Fabian; we're about to buy new ventilators for our nicu at Karolinska and had a Fabian over a trial period.

We're currently using a Sechrist machine with a "Florian" module added, "Fabian" is a new generation of the "Florian" system I guess.

Anyway; the "Fabian" was nice to handle - easy to get started and quit when running. It has a kind of max volume option but it does not have a volume garantuee algorithm as the latest Drager ventilators. As far as I understood is cuts the inspiratory time, when the set max volume is delivered to the infant.

The price for "Fabian" (on the Nordic market) was very competitive, and we did seriously consider to buy it (although we'll probably buy Stephanie ventilators when we'll upgrade).

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Dear Dr.Johansson,

we have 3 Fabians in our NICU. I think, that it´s pretty good ventilator, but... It has "too much" sensitive flow-sensor for water. Just one drop of condesed water makes very big problems, alarm is on and vent turns automatically into IPPV mode, where can be different I-time, frequency, PEEP and PIP. Acutronic was informed, they are doing some changes... I think, that Fabian is very good ventilator for infants with no pulmonary problem, for example after surgery, asfyxia etc.

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Guest Antares

We use Siemens Servo-i ventilators and Sensormedics HFOV in our unit. The Siemens vents are extremely easy to use, and can be easily switched between neonatal, pediatric and adult modes of ventilation.

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