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blood product transfusion

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I agree with @rehman_naveed.

No diuretics unless the baby is really unwell and have instable hemodynamics and renal function.

But, I believe people have different opinions on this. For example, I was taught to give diuretics after blood transfusions  :) (when the goal is to increase Hb/EVF)

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Now its a different scenario. Ascities with liver disease, you need to check for albumin and in case you need to give plasma , donot give lasix. But it all depends what you want to achive, do you want to raise plasma oncotic presure so as to diurese the baby as baby having oliguria, in such a case i will go ahead with albumin rather than plasma and yes this with lasix. If it is just to replace clotting factors then no with lasix only plasma alone. I hope this will help.

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In case of baby with liver dis and ascities, when give plasma...oncotic pr increased and will shift fluid from interstitial and 3rd space , so I give lasix to get ride of excess fluid in intra vascular by diuresis .....is that true or what

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The scenario you describe is usually achieved by giving albumin rather than plasma. And also this is done in severe anasarca with oliguria to get rid of extra fluids but this is usually transient to help baby respiratory status improved. Having said that in capillary leak cases secondary to sepsis no role of albumin only plasma will help and stay longer intravascularly.

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