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Port said neonatology society will launch its Fifth neonatology conference, at the  23rd -24th of October 2014, Al Fayrouz resort, Port said. Sessions will start at 5.30 pm Thursday 23rd & Friday the 24th at 10 am & 5.30 pm. There will be a preconference NRP doctors' workshop at the 22nd  23rd of October, another workshop about neonatal echocardiography  will be held at Friday 24th . Attending the conference sessions is free but for accommodation at Al Fayrouz resort, a sponsoring company is needed.  Registration is needed to attend conference sessions  by sending personal data (name, address, workplace, mobile & email), by an  email to portsaidnicus@gmail.com. Our organizer:  Spark travel, Telefax: +20(2) 240 33 427 / Mob: 01007557666 Address: 8Dr. Mohamed Hamam St, Nasr City, Cairo-


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Agenda of Port Said Fifth Neonatology conference 

23rd – 24th, October 2014
Day 1 Thursday 23rd of October
۞ Registration 4 – 5 pm
۞ 5 – 5.30 pm: Reception party 
۞ 5.30 pm: Conference opening
۞ 5.45 pm: Opening talk:
¤ Dr Osama Hussein (El Nasr hospital, Port said)
- Neonatal care, What's up?
۞ 6.15 - 7.45 pm: Session 1: What's new
¤ Prof Atef Donia (Al Azhar univ)
- Role of antioxidants in preterm
¤ Prof M El Sawy (Ein Shams univ) 
- Clinical approach to a case of ambiguous genitalia
¤ Prof Alaa Sobih (Cairo univ)
- Targeted Neonatal Echocardiography 
۞ 7.45 – 8.15 pm Coffee break
۞ 8.15 – 9.45 pm: Session 2
¤ Prof Kamal El Tohami (Al Azhar univ)
- Ebola virus disease
¤ Prof Omayma Anwar (Cairo univ)
- Follow up care of preterm infants 
¤ Prof M Khashaba (Al Mansoura Univ)
- Strategies for prevention of BPD: wishful thinking or reality?
۞ 10 pm: End of day 1
Day 2 Friday 24th of October
۞ 5.30 – 7 pm: Session 3 
¤ Prof Mohamed Mazahi (Al Azhar univ, Domyatt)
- Hepacidin and iron metabolism
¤ Prof Mosalam Naser (Al Azhar univ)
- Modes of neonatal ventilation
¤ Dr Osama Arafa (Port fouad hospital)
- High risk neonates and neuro developmental outcome?
۞ 7– 7.30 pm: break 
۞ 7.30 pm: delivery of prizes & awards
۞ 7.45 – 9.15 pm Session 4
¤ Prof Sonia El Sharkawy (Suez Canal univ)
- Management of acute renal injury in pediatrics 
¤ Dr El Sayed Khalaf (Port fouad hospital)
- Case presentation & Port fouad NICU statistical data 
¤ Prof Olfat Fawzy (Al Azhar univ, girls)
- Neonatal hypocalcemia 
۞ 9.15 pm: Closing ceremony & recommendations
۞ 9.30 pm: End of day 2

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