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Nasal VAFO

Guest mmerocru

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Guest mmerocru

Ok.. Nasal hfvo. We use non invasive ventilation, CPAPn, and lisa/mist, and high flow nasal canulas. I have read some reports about nasal HFVO, but with little numbers of Newborn.

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We have been using High flow nasal prongs for some years now with great success but predominantly as step down from nCPAP. In addition the Vapotherm system has been gaining a tremendous amount of support especially from the nursing perspective . Peter Reynolds from the UK recently showed their results and experience with this system as a primary mode of non invasive support . 




Pediatrics. 2013 May;131(5):e1482-90. doi: 10.1542/peds.2012-2742. Epub 2013 Apr 22.

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Sorry, i asked about non invasive high frecuency ventilation¡, not about nasal high flow!


I was approached by a medtech company selling such a device, and I was not impressed. Lots of marketing efforts but when I asked for documentation and publications I was later emailed only one case report about a succesful management of CO2-retention (and no need for intubation).


However, we all need to tailor our management on an individual basis, i.e. I am not saying that nasal HFOV is not effective for anyone, but one a group level I suspect the story will be similar as in the study about nCPAP and nBIPAP in NEJM


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Guest NowCousins

Nasotrachael intubation is the more common method used here in Northern Ireland and High frequency oscillation ventilation is used successfully, with and without the use of Nitric oxide. Is your question more about HFOV via nasal intubation/ETT or about HFOV in general? 

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