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How to do study or research ?

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hello everyone >>


iam preparing for the second part arabic board , and its mandatory to do research ...


iam interested to expand my knowledge in this area  but i dont know from where to start ?


in my country (Libya ) we have sever data deficiency syndrome !! 


iam interested in the neonatal field ...  


so do you have an idea that help in this circumstances ???




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Iam working now in pediatric endocrine OPD , so  i have the chance to choose in which field my research will be but unfourtunatly  i cant figure our anything 


iam not trained to do research and its a bit difficult to have a free supervisor to guide .


any helpfull idea ?

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Sorry for slow feedback.

I'd suggest you start something simple (that is possible) - such as a case series of a specific condition you care for in your NICU.


One of my favourite ideas currently is: among infants admitted due to hypoglycemia, compare iv glucose infusion with enteral "food infusion". You can consider many outcomes, but the main outcome could be something along the lines "time to reach normoglycemia" or "time to independent feeding (breast/bottle)"

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hi >>


sorry for late replying >> i have my area of interest regarding my research , i do need some help  .

anyway  my research field is the factors affecting mother choice to breast ot bottle feed her baby ?


so what is helpful now ? questionnaire ? how many parents do i need to make my study sounds good (scientificly). 

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