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Vygon Microsite


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Hi All

i was just curious as to whether anyone had any experience with the Vygon micro site & it's successful use in siting double lumen 2Fr catheters in ELBW?

Any experience in general would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks


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Hi RichMaus,

we are using the Vygon micro site since two years ago. We use it round about 3-4 times per month in the "bigger" babies (>1200g) to insert 2F PICCs.

It works perfectly well for us as we can use our "standard" 24G iv catheter to start the procedure. I is quit easy (and a very high success rate) to get in the 2F catheters.

We are only using PICCs with one lumen but in my opinion it should be no difference to use it with two lumen PICCs.

I is a great device and made it possible in our unit to have more babies with 2F lines.

Greetings from Sweden


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We are now using the Vygon micro-sites in our unit and with great success. Given the cost per pack we are using it for the bigger babies that require a 2Fr catheter because of the volumes. We have both 20 & 30 cm Premicath catheters for those babies less than 1500g and these seem to be working well. 

Thanks for the previous comments. I can highly recommend the Microsite packs!

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@spartacus007 do you mean the yellow tapered insertion needle that is in the microsite kit? I haven't had any experience of having this problem directly as the tip is tapered and so if the vein is of a generous size it should advance over the guidewire. I think twisting the tapered dilator that comes in the microsite kit as you advance it over the guidewire towards the skin insertion point may overcome that issue. As I mentioned previously we are using it in the bigger babies that require 24Fr double lines but have smallish veins!

I hope that helps!



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@spartacus007 I haven't as yet used it in a preterm infant but I could imagine there being difficult in getting the tapered dilator into the skin entry site over the guidewire. I think possibly a gentle twisting motion of the introducer over the guidewire might help get it into the entry site. Let me know if you come up with any other tricks when you try it again - trial and error I suppose!

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