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human milk analysis

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I would like to know if anyone is using the human milk analyser for macronutrient analysis of the preterm breast  milk and accordingly fortification of the milk according to individual newborns needs . what has there experience been with the equipment by MIRIS ? Is it user friendly and requiring low maintenance ? What is the utility of this equipment in preterm care.



Dr Satyen K Hemrajani





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Hi, we have the regional "milk bank" for donated breast milk in our hospital, I am not 100% sure what apparatus is used but it it not MIRIS equipment.

Let's hope someone else can give specific input! But, what we are very happy about the results from milk analyses, as we can fortify as needed.

For our preterm infants, we typically re-analyse the mother's milk every 2 weeks.

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@satyen75 Sorry for not getting back, have been on clinical service but forgot about this. Now again back in academia... but have emailed the staff in our milk bank.

@selvanr4 The report from the analyzer is very straight forward; it gives the total energy/ml (kcal), the total lipid content/100 ml and the total protein content/100 ml. All breast milk kept in the milk bank  is also cultured for microbes before pasteurization.

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@satyen75 I got an email reply from the head of the milk bank: we use the "MIRIS" analyser, and also the homogenizer "MIRIS Sonicator". As I understand it - the starting up phase was not without friction, the apparatus did not work well and the company even exchanged it. However, after initial problems, the apparatus now works well. It is cleansed after every 10 analyses, and a larger maintenance cleaning once a month. 

So, now the the milkbank-staff work a lot with it and without hazzle. Our milkbank handle about 1100 liters of breastmilk per year... I think that could be said to be milk-handling on a larger scale :) 

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