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Aymen Eshene

NRP courses / provider / instructor

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Hi Every one ..

thanks for your reply in advance .. 

I want to ask about NRP instructor / provider courses .. 

In libya we ve established our neonatal society this year and we are looking to train some members to be  a certified trainee , in order to expand the neonatal resuscitation knowledge and skills all over the country as future target .

so as the Country is not very stable now , we think about sending members outside libya to the nearby country ( egypt / tunisia / jordan ) .

do you have any idea how much does is take ( Time & fee ) 

any one of our 99nicu memeber who is a  Certified NRP here may have things to add 

iam waiting for your response ..


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Hello Aymen

I am NRP certified instructor in SNRP Saudi neonatal resuscitation program 

It is one day course

Fees 500 Saudi Ryals for doctors

400 SR for sisters

This for MOH doctors and sisters


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thanks tarek for your answer ..

so .. i want to take these course.

also .. i want to become instructor 

is it the same ?? 

i mean  how many steps does it take ?? 

its ok for me to travel to saudi arabia its not that difficult ..

waiting for reply 



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Sorry for delay i did not see the reply 

First you should be a provider NRP provider after that you will do the instructor course

Regarding travel i think is not difficult

I will ask my Boss for the course and i will let you know about her reply


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