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NRP courses / provider / instructor

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Hi Every one ..

thanks for your reply in advance .. 

I want to ask about NRP instructor / provider courses .. 

In libya we ve established our neonatal society this year and we are looking to train some members to be  a certified trainee , in order to expand the neonatal resuscitation knowledge and skills all over the country as future target .

so as the Country is not very stable now , we think about sending members outside libya to the nearby country ( egypt / tunisia / jordan ) .

do you have any idea how much does is take ( Time & fee ) 

any one of our 99nicu memeber who is a  Certified NRP here may have things to add 

iam waiting for your response ..

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Sorry for delay i did not see the reply 

First you should be a provider NRP provider after that you will do the instructor course

Regarding travel i think is not difficult

I will ask my Boss for the course and i will let you know about her reply

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Guest Mekado

Hallo Dr. Tarek and Dr. Aymen,

I was going to ask a similar question in a separate post then I saw this one. So, I thought of asking here.
How can I get NRP instructor course in KSA ? Time / Place / Fees.

Thanks in advance

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Thank you for your interest in NRP courses, For the NRP Instructor course in Saudi Arabia we have a Saudi Neonatal resuscitation program which is in accordance with the standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics and American heart association,
To be eligible for the instructor you should fulfill the following criteria
1-    Physicians, registered nurses, registered midwives, or respiratory therapists 
2-    The individual should have relevant experience in neonatal care/ delivery room experiences 
3-    The individual should have a sponsoring institution/hospitals that normally provides NRP courses. 
4-    Recommendation letter from the center where you completed your provider course 
1-Successful completion of an NRP Provider course within 6 months prior to the Instructor course; 
2- must have your own NRP 7th Edition Provider Manual 
3- must have Knowledge of current NRP updates, recommendations, and changes. Instructor training : 
1: Successfully complete the NRP Online exam/ provider course (provide your Instructor Trainer with 
2: Successfully complete an NRP instructor bundle and  Instructor course . 
3: Successfully “team teach” at least 2 NRP Provider course, supervised by an NRP Instructor Trainer (IT) within six months of the Instructor course.
 4: once completed, Instructors will receive ID number and card. The renewal date will begin on the date of your last completed “team teach.” 
The instructor course is a 2 days course. The Instructor Course bundle provides you with the key changes in the 7th Edition; it will also help you to prepare and to teach the NRP 7th Edition Provider Course. During the Instructor course, you will share in teaching a practice skill station and evaluate a candidate in an integrated skill station as well as conducting a Simulation Debriefing Station. at the end of the course, the candidates will have a structured evaluation.   For the provider course It is one day course the contents of the training adhere to the recommended Neonatal Resuscitation Course teaching guidelines.  The course material (NRP Provider manual) will be sent to the participants at least one month prior to the course . Online exam should be done prior to the course at least 2  -3weeks . 
The practical test (Simulation) should administered at the end of the course  We are currently have no courses for Ramadan and Eid holiday m we will start again on August (depends on candidates and their location, it can be done in Jeddah or Riyadh The course fees for the providers course ( including the manual / online exam / cards /certificates / coffee breaks/lunch) The course fees for the instructor course 2 days ( including the manual / online exam / cards /certificates / coffee breaks/lunch)..our instructor will be contribute to run courses a cross the Kingdome The course fees given by dr Tariq is only for Ministry of health in Saudi Arabia which is supported financially by Ministry of health ( the fees above excluding the provider manual and fee of the online exam and cards and certificates ) so, its not applicable for other For further details , please do not hesitates to email us at : SaudiNRP@gamil.com I hope I answer your questions , 
best regards
Jubara Alallah 

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 12.25.35 AM.png

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Guest Mekado

Thank you very much for your kind and comprehensive reply.

I just think there is a part missing in the fees paragraph.

Thanks again for your reply

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