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Dear all
I work in a level 3-4 in Copenhagen Denmark. We have over the past few years started to use video assisted intubation using a C-Mac. We have a Miller 0 blade which I believe is the smallest available for C-Mac. However it is sometimes too big for a 500 g baby. I have heard about a Miller 00 for C-Mac but can't find any information in their catalogue about this blade. I was wondering if anyone out there knows about a Miller 00 blade for C-Mac or perhaps uses a different type of videolaryngoscope with 00 blades.
Many thanks in advance

I am cross-posting this from our FB-page. Anyone have experience?

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Hi Francesco and Stefan,

we are using a C-Mac laryngoscope. The smallest blade is 0. The company told us that a 00-blade is on the way ... but by now we haven't seen it.

The view with the C-Mac is fantastic, so I hope that we could see the 00-blade soon.

Greetings from Stockholm


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We had contact with the company last week, they said they are not planning on a smaller blade than the Miller 0, because their Macintosh 0 is thinner and measures similarly to most Miller 00.

Edited by Francesco Cardona

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Hi Francesco,

Thanks for the information. What a pity. Maybe the measurements are similar but than the blade is too long.

For a skilled person it will be possible doing the intubation but this is not the classic procedure (different angel etc).

This means (IMHO ) that the C-Mac can not be used for teaching intubation in infants below about 1200g.

Have a nice weekend


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