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When i was practicing in Egypt we were using Down score for Respiratory distress this was 12 years ago

We are using Sarnat staging for HIE

In Pediatrics they are using GCS and modified GCS

In USA some areas using sepsis calculator ( i went through it but we are not using) 

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I know our nurses are using many scales because of regulatory/payor requirements, but as a physicians rounding in the NICU I (and my physician colleagues) mostly use Sarnet staging for HIE, NAS scoring for withdrawal after in utero opiate exposure, WAT scoring for withdrawal after sedation.  If dates are uncertain I will Ballard a baby a few times a year (usually more as a teaching exercise with trainees, but occasionally when some features seem discordant or the given GA by OB is very discordant with my impression and I want to document the basis for my disagreement).  We are also discussing the Kaiser sepsis risk calculator but not using it routinely and some of the researchers in our group are looking at real time calculation of risk of decompensation based on vital sign monitors but this is research only right now.

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On 5/31/2018 at 2:17 AM, Aymen Eshene said:

can you post here the pain score you are using >??

Unfortunately we do not use any pain scales. Still failed to find the best one 😊

12 hours ago, Stefan Johansson said:

We use the ALPS pain scale (more of a local Swe scale; AL stands for Astrid Lindgren :) )


Astrid Lindgren is cool! 😊

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