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Spot for scholarship in U.S. NICU for neonatologist from Belarus

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Dear colleagues!

Many of you know how could be diffucult for neonatologist from developing country to get an opportunity to see on own eyes work of busy NICU in developed country. Especially to spend several weeks in large university clinic. There are many reasons for this, mainly financial, but also a lack of appropriate contacts.      

I want to apply to the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program -- non-degree, post-doctoral award program for researchers and experts from Belarus who wish to conduct post-doctoral research, lecture, or pursue combined lecturing and research in the United States (you can read about it here https://by.usembassy.gov/application-period-started-for-the-fulbright-visiting-scholar-program-2019-2020/?fbclid=IwAR2qktBr88cqeZqKvWXTwsz1B1Qe4bSSexNyvSXvwvs8ZDbyGS4kl1ce_nc).

The program is nice and allows to spend 3-6 months in U.S. institution, covering many financial issues. As program states: The Fulbright experience should be of value not only to the scholar, but also to the scholar’s home university, as well as to the host U.S. institution".

So I need contacts in NICU of tertiary (preferrably university) U.S. clinic which could be a spot for this study-visit.

There are 3 interests in this scholarship -- 1. to delve deeply into daily routine of busy U.S. NICU (modern approaches to management of different cases (extreme prematurity, cooling for HIE, iNO use, hemodynamic instability etc), 2. to get tips how to make and maintain up-to-date local treatment' protocols 3. to understand how modern neonatal research looks like and how it is connected with practice.

 For the application I need letter of invitation from a preferred U.S. host institution.  Maybe someone from 99nicu community work in such clinic and ready to share clinical and research experience with me?

Any suggestions of clinics with strong NICU and research?  How to get an invitation letter? Ofcourse  I can use some rankings in Internet like this: https://health.usnews.com/best-hospitals/pediatric-rankings/neonatal-care, but recommendation form colleagues is far better source. 
Many thanks!

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Dear Dr. Vitushka,

If you are interested in spending your time in Chicago, please contact me at pillersd@uic.edu.  I am not able to make a commitment at this time, but am open to exploring our site as a host for you.


De-Ann M. Pillers, MDPhD

Professor with Tenure and Chief, Section of Neonatology

University of Illinois at Chicago


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