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1st International Pediatric Simulation Symposium and Workshops. Stockholm, Sweden

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Warmly welcome to Stockholm on the 14th-15th of february ,2008 !

We are very happy to organize the first international pediatric simulation meeting. Our aim is to gather all professionals interested in pediatric simulation to exchange experiences, have lectures ,workshops,networking and discussions in hot topics in simulation. Our target groups are persons working with obstetrics,neonatology,pediatric medicine ,pediatric surgery,pediatric anesthesia and intensive care and ECMO. We have a mixed program that we hope will suit both "beginners and veterans" in simulation and also create good stimulating scientific discussions.

The website for the meeting is : http://www.karolinska.se/pedsimsymposium2008

We look forward to see you in Stockholm taking part of the meeting and also enjoying the beutiful capital of Sweden !

My warmest regards

Eva Wesslén-Eriksson

Head of Local Organising Committee

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The congress will be broadcasted live on the Internet. The congress opens at 9.00 (GMT +1) on the 14th of Febr.

Only the workshops on the 14th at 13.00-14.00 and on the 15th 10.45-11.45 won't be broadcasted.

Just click on the link below, and follow instructions.


Click here to download the programme!

(Please not, local time in Sweden is GMT +1)

If you need any support, please contact the organizing committee.

(click here get find contact info)

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It looks like all I have to to is provide my name and mail address on the linked page and the broadcast should be up and running...?

So it seems!

I also got the following info from the organizer

After the meeting you will have the opportunity to buy a DVD with the filmed sessions and the speaker presentations.

Contact info for the DVD:

Eva Wesslén-Eriksson; eva.wesslen-eriksson@karolinska.se

Head of the Organising Committee

Director of Pediatric Simulation and Training Center

Karolinska University Hospital

Stockholm, Sweden

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...but the link that i log-on to view the live-conferecnce was not conducted in English!

Unfortunately that's right. Both the web page you first come to and the pop-up window which is semi-English and semi-Swedish. I told the organizers about this inconistence, but it seems that the web pages have not changed.

(99nicu or myself is not the organisers of this meeting, and I can only forward feedback from myself and others to them).

The link to the broadcast is here: http://www.abiliteam.com/ability/show/phcicuh/pedsimsymposium2008/speed.asp

And the programme is here: http://99nicu.org/education/Final_programme_080213.pdf

I think you could understand how to attend, see uploaded images and instructions below.

1) Click on the link above. Enter your name and email address and click on the LogIn button. (first picture)

2) After being logged in, click on Play (second picture)

3) An new window appears, with the broadcast in the left box. (third picture)

Below the live lecture, there will be information about name/title of the speaker etc. If they print that in Swedish, just stick to the programme.




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how we can hear the conference

I suppose sound is transmitted through the web cast.

If that's not the case, please contact eva.wesslen-eriksson@karolinska.se


It seems that the load on the broadcast is pretty high. I did not get a broadcasting window open when I clicked on PLAY (see pict 2 above), but after I had clicked several times (repeatedly) on PLAY, the window appeared. Looks fine from my computer, slides appear fine, I see the speaker and sound (speaker's voice) is good.

I guess the organizers are interested in your feedback. Please post it here or send an email to Eva Wesslen-Eriksson (eva.wesslen-eriksson@karolinska.se)

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