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Amnion Life, our web and conference partner 2018 and 2019, is developing AmnioBed™, an innovative incubator system.logo1.png

AmnioBed™ Golden Hour is a novel neonatal incubator system incorporating a synthetic amniotic fluid bath to minimize environmental heat and water loss immediately upon premature birth and for up to 60 minutes during the transitional period (golden hour) prior to transport to the NICU.

This survey by AmnionLife takes only 4 minutes to complete. As a NICU professional, your opinion is very important in helping AmnionLife assess an unbiased first impression of Amniobed Golden Hour. 

Click here to take the survey, or use this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WQKPKRH

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Nice topic...

we are really modern and innovative in our region (Eindhoven, Brainport region) and also in our department. I'm struggeling with all these innovative / niew devices aiming on the same population/situation where I cannot find the whole workflow and complexity of delivery and stabilisation / transition of the Baby. Our local colleagues form obstetrics are dreaming about developing an "artificial Womb" and     setting up  research network,, we (neonatology)  participate in a Nationwide study about cord clamping while patient is on respiratory support (device is called Concord, a start-up from the Netherlands, study from Leiden/Rotterdam) and this device (Amnion Life) tries to solve the temperature...

I think we all share the same challenge: 

Emerging technical possibilities and increasing complexity in our field are creating need for integration of systems.

I think we need an worldwide network of people dealing with this. We need innovative leaders but also early adaptors and have to connect them to acdemic and industry (private-public partnerships) to succeed.  Wouldn't it be nice to start a groep thinking about this topic in wholistic way? Or is there an existing group I'm not connected with :-)

Just some thoughts as neonatologist and CMIO.

To support 99nicu I completed the survey.


Gr. Thilo 


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