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I’m considering use of Microsoft access to build unit handover database at a tertiary NICU. Any suggestions as to how people might have used one/ any available templates, please?



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With the humble acknowledgement that I have no idea what the state of clinical informatics is in your work environment, I have to wonder if the use case(s) you envision are not available natively or with some minimal repurposing within your electronic medical record.   Depending on the amount of turn over on your unit, the risks of missing patients coming on or off teams may be significant when using auxiliary information systems not tied to hospital census.  There may also be significant risks to data security and privacy breaches if you're operating what amounts to a shadow medical record.  Finally duplicative data entry may lead to discrepancies across data sources as well as end user resentment at the extra work.

For the past decade or so, I have worked in units where the hand off is generated from the medical record (with the exception of 2 level III units that have since moved to handoffs generated by the medical record system).  It has the virtue of always having accurate census, bed space and order information.  It has the vice of almost always having too much information as well as requiring us to be dependent on hospital IT to update the format/content.

Please ignore my ramblings if you're considering this for a unit in a setting with no functional electronic medical record system.

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