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What muscle relaxant do you use?

Muscle relaxants in Preterms  

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On 8/18/2020 at 4:21 AM, Francesco Cardona said:

Continuing a topic started on twitter, I would like to ask the 99nicu community. What muscle relaxant do you use in preterms and neonates primarily?

Tell us about your experiences? What dose do you use?

I trained using Rocuronium for intubation and during GA for bedside OR cases. When the hospital trying to conserve roc we used vecuronium as a muscle relaxer for intubated patients who needed it.

At my current institution, we use succinylcholine for non-emergent intubation and vecuronium if continued paralysis is required.

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Depends on what indications your askig about. For RSI its Succinylcholine. We don’t routinely paralyze the babies unless we have to. The choice would be roc.


I think we started to understand the importance of spontaneous breathing and how it help recruitment and improving V/Q mismatch.

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