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Where shall 99nicu go from here?

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Time really flies, and it now 15 years ago since we started to plan for the 99nicu forums, opening in May 2006.

In many ways, this project has been a key part throughout my own neonatology carrier. I have learnt so much about the diversity of how to practise neonatology,  and I have also learned to know many people around the world. I had not get to know you without this virtual platform. But with time comes age ;) and I have started to think about how to future-proof the operation and development of 99nicu.

I, @Francesco Cardona and @Vicky Payne have started to think about where to go from here.

  • what do you like with 99nicu?
  • how does it benefit your work?
  • what can we do better?
  • what are you missing?

Please share what you think!

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Goodnight everyone. I must clarify that I am not a neonatologist, but as a pediatrician I am interested in learning from people as expert as you. The hospital where I work is very humble and lacking, like many in Latin America, but that doesn't stop me from learning from the best like you. I always try to do the best with what I have, and much of what I have I learn with you. Thank you very much for forming this forum and I hope that it continues for a long time to come. My infinite gratitude to the founders and to those who answer my questions. God bless you


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I think what you are doing and have done is commendable. Your effort goes far beyond many borders and that is something that I deeply appreciate. At the moment I cannot think of anything else that I can suggest to you. I just want to ask you a question, and I apologize that this is not the space to do so. In the event that I had a neonate with TPN support and due to some situation this patient suffered hypovolemic shock or even cardiac arrest, should I suspend TPN? With what solutions would you recommend me to handle it in that period of time? I apologize again, I'm very sorry

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Guest ramadan99nicu

Thanks, I learned a lot in this group I am Member since 2006,,, we need to increased seminar,, video,, lectures,, journal club discussing recent papers in neonatology,, in updates issue's 



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Hi, finally some time to answer these questions!

Why do I like 99NICU?

I like it for creating the ability to easily communicate with people who are far more advanced in their neonatal careers than me! In many places junior doctors are not supposed to be heard nor seen, therefore being able to break through and learning how to share my thoughts and opinions was a really important step. I came here as a medical student interested in neonatology, and have never left 🤣

Thanks to this community, I had a chance (still as a student!) to have a great internship in Vienna AKH NICU some years ago (thank you @Francesco Cardonaagain). I know that (in general) physicians are hesitant when it comes to receiving medical students from abroad (especially in the NICU, how dare you come into our sacred land!), therefore I am extra grateful for everybody that had given me a chance. All in all, I completed a few summer internships abroad, all in amazing NICUs, all as a medical student, and these experiences have for sure shaped my life (sounds serious, but it's true). Soooo, as an encouragement to all of you amazing medical professionals- students are great, please consider having them if they particularly ask about the rotation in your unit 👍

What am I missing? The face-to-face meetings, but I do believe we all miss them! Otherwise, I think I miss some interactive content- some Zoom journal club or a webinar, as mentioned above, would be nice. The 99nicu.org page works super well, I love the notifications to my email, and also the Newsletter (as a gentle nudge to log in and see what's new).

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