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Medical simulation applications


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Hi. I'm educational director at CEPS in Sweden, a concept for simulation spread throughout the country.

Most of the mannequins used are the basic ones with no feedback. We have the most advanced as well but I find that the information I get from them doesn't give that much additional educational value. In Sweden the T-piece is the device used att neo resuss so I'm not that concerned about pressures. If we see the the chest of the mannequin is raising that is enough for me, they need to evaluate the heart rate in order to evaluate if their ventilation is sufficient.

We use Simmon, an app, for simulating vital signs monitors, it's easy to use and totally mobile. You need two tablets.

All the best

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Guest safaa5@hotmail.com

I think you need to contact the company to see if the versions you have can be upgraded or not . There are expensive advanced new simulators ,that mimics neonates ,that can be connected to the monitors ,and various scenarios can be applied for teaching 

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Dear Dmitrij!

As it comes to the most important skill, ventilation I would recommend the Monivent Neo Training which can be used with most manikins altough a few might need a simple modification to override the leakage they might have. The company has all info.

I agree with Erik that very advanced high end manikins not always give so much additional value. My experience is that they are often too advanced=technical problems, difficult to handle, irritations etc.



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