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Neonatal or Pediatric CPR

Pontus Johansson

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To all pediatricians/ neonatologists out there!!

Do you have specific guidelines for when you practise neonatal CPR 3:1 vs Pediatric 15:2 concerning infants who are not newborn or on the NICU? Some colleagues use 3:1 until 28 days post 40 weeks, some think as soon as having left the labour ward or are discharged from the neonatal ward you do 15:2 even og the baby is 39-42-44 weeks. In some hospitals it differ depending on where the baby is brought and what the staff there are most used to…

Grateful for any comments on this😀

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We use Advanced paediatric life support  M. Samuels, S.Wieteska;  BMJ Books Wiley Blackwell.

3:1, till 28. day

I think that is worth to point that chest compression is very important, 1/3 of the AP diameter.

Do you have protocols for ET intubation?

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Nice thought provoking question and what we follow is till the baby is a neonate ( not completed 44 wks ) we follow the neonatal 3:! ratio only. However if the baby needs prolonged ventilation and chest compression and especially for babies who are more than 28 days old even in preemies we switch to 15:2 in case the 3:! is failing.


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