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Neonatal cap sensor


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Hello 😊

I hope every one is great ...i  am just interested to know ur opnion about the new sensors ( neonatal cap ) for new born ..is it safe ? Is there any comments or matter of interest regarding its us for cardiopulmonary monitor during resuscitation 🤔 

Thanks in advance 🌷

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Hmm, I am not sure what you are referring to, sorry. Is it the CO2 sensors that change colour? Like these??


Or are you referring to something else? 

If CO2 caps then yes- these are considered routine in UK and pretty sure they are now recommended for all intubations to confirm ETT placement in trachea. If no colour change, likely oesophageal placement.  However, can get false negatives:

- low cardiac output states

-if contaminated with fluid e.g. surfactant, drugs, gastric contents, secretions

-if ETT inserted too far into one lung

-severe obstruction e.g. meconium aspiration

I really like them- simple, easy to use, and reduces errors in decision making/cognitive bias e.g. "no, my tube IS in the right place"---> "err, actually there is no colour change AND no chest movement- lets take the tube out and try again!"

I hope that helps?

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We used to have a colorimetric sensor  but in tricky situations we were always wondering whether it had changed color or not.

Since then during procedure we have been using an add-on to our Philips monitor (MX 500) to get a waveforme capnography which is much easier to read. 



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