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Hydroxychloroquine in BPD


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Hi everyone,

recently I have noticed a practice that is creeping in when it come to the prevention and the management of BPD. It is the use of Azithromycin and Hydroxychloroquine in BPD. While there are three RCTs for the use of Azithromycin, two with positive outcome and one with negative outcome when it come to BPD, it is still an experimental drug. I can not find any articles or studies on the use Hydroxychloroquine in BPD. 

My concerns are these drugs are experimental at best and by trying them without proper parents counselling which can lead misleading hope for parents and increase risk of side effect and complication without tangible benefits. 

If any has any experience with these two drugs, please let me know.



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I know about the studies on azithromycin but have never heard of hydroxychloroquine use for this indication.  Sounds very strange! I would advice against any clinical use of hydroxychloroquine., and until there is data from proper research.

A quick PubMed search found nothing on hydroxychloroquine related to preterm infants or neonatal lung disease. But some papers on maternal SLE and this one about "chronic placental inflammation".

"Don't try this at home"

UPDATE - some interesting info below in the Tw replies to the embedded Q below!

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Thanks Stefan,

You are right regarding azithromycin , which I think it is still in the experimental phase, and should be confined to research setting. But I was completely puzzled when I came across this practice without proper counselling.

Thanks for the twitter thread, 


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