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What is the use of albumin in neonates?

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8 hours ago, Stefan Johansson said:

We use albumin only rarely and in very specifikt situation with hypoalbuminemia, our typical dose is 0.5-1.0 g/kg

this gives a good overview: https://publications.aap.org/neoreviews/article-abstract/23/9/e625/189354/Use-of-Albumin-in-the-NICU-An-Evidence-based


Does albumin effectively address Hypoalbuminemia? My assumption is it pertains to the attempt to transfer fluids into the intravascular compartment for patients experiencing leaky capillaries and low blood pressure, correct?

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We used Albumin a lot in former days either for correcting hypalbuminaemia, or for fluid blouses in assumption it holds the fluid inside the blood vessels.

well, we learned, that it doesn‘t stay intravascular at all. Moreover it moves extravascular, takes fluid with it and binds it outside the vessels- making edema even worse and harder to resolve. We now use only Elomel isotonic for Volume therapy.

now we only use albumine  to correct  hypalbuminaemia - but I really don‘t know if that is good either either.

there is a paper called „Uses and misuses of albumin during resuscitation and in the neonatal intensive care unit“, that explains a lot:



hope that helps,


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