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Hypoglycemia and N.A.I.T???


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I have recently heard the story of a couple who are friends of mine and described that their 10 days old baby is in the NICU because of recurrent hypoglycemia (very difficult to decrease the glucose infusion) and also has low trombocytes. The neonatologists suspect Neonatal Alloimmune Trombocytemia.

Does anybody know any correlation between those conditions???:confused:

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I have not heard about this association. But I found this case report in Pubmed:


Neonatal hyperinsulinism and hypoglycemia have a well-established association with maternal Rh isoimmunization. We report herein an infant who presented with significant neonatal hypoglycemia that was found to be secondary to hyperinsulinism and who also had thrombocytopenia secondary to maternal platelet isoimmunization.
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Guest drhassan.nimer@gmail.com

I think that if no improvement with treatment by glucose and Hydrocortisone infusion, it is better to do some laboratory analysis such as level of cortisol and insulin,in this case Hypoglycaemia may be due to hyperinsulinism, also thrombocytopenia is correlated with maternal platelet isoimmunization

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