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Vit D in breastfed infants - teaching DVD

Guest charris

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Guest charris

Hello group,

This is my third try at posting a message. Here in Victoria, west coast of Canada, we've developed a teaching DVD, 9 minutes long, to encourage mothers of breastfed infants to give their babies Vit. D. We made it in-house using staff moms and babies, and also mothers from the Native Friendship Centre, to try to give it a multi-ethnic flavour. It's posted on Google videos at the above link so you can have a look although the quality on google is not so good. If anyone would like to order a copy our audio-visual dept will sell them for about $22 CDN, including postage etc.to anywhere. It was made as part of a hospital pharmacy residency research project. We had a good time making the video and hope it will be useful not just here on Vancouver Island but elsewhere too.

Best wishes,

Connie Harris, Pharm.D

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Guest charris

Dear Dr. Karanth,

Thanks for that link, it's really good information & very timely. The recommendations in the video were Canadian (CPS) and many of us live north of the 49th parallel. Above 53 N the recommendation increases to 800 IU/day from Oct to April. There is a lot of interesting research on Vit D recently, and the actual VIt D serum levels vary with latitude, intake, summer vs winter, colour of skin and amount of skin exposed to light, even in pregnancy mothers with low serum Vit D have newborns with lower levels at birth. "one size fits all" is probably incorrect, however until we have more detailed information such as individualized serum level testing, we are telling mothers to give 400 IU/day while breastfeeding and until the baby is one. Connie Harris

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