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We want feedback! And more action!

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From the visitor statistics we see surprisingly good figures. In January 09 we had more than 4000 unique visitors and with the current trend we might have hit 5000 unique visitors during February.

Still, most visitors stop by and read, but do not post so much in the forums. And, we want more action!

We want to hear from you: please post your honest feedback, positive and negative, yet constructive criticism.

  • Do you want more frequent emails with reminders?
  • Do you want to read tutorials how the 99nicu community works?
  • Do you want more competitions and give-aways?
  • Should 99nicu be stripped from some features? ´
  • Should 99nicu organise a congress on evidence-based neonatology (www.ebneo.org....), live and with an internet stream?!
  • Do you want to have local/national sections (in other languages)?

Best wishes from the 99nicu HQ!

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Guest pscheans

Is there a special page/section for polls? It seems like a common activity.


Pat Scheans, MS, NNP-BC

Legacy Health System

Portland, Oregon

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Well.....i 'm one of those who read more than posting..why? i'm crawling at the neonatology world,u know PGY1,still junior who carries his note and write down every word the attendant say at the round,check neofax more than 50 times a day and alot of similar things while most of the members here 're "Big players" at the field.....so i enjoy watching for the mean time :),but i 'm considering being noisy after a while.

one of the things i like most here that each post is taken seriously and there 's no delay in replay,the discussions also it's few but highlights some aspects that i didnot notice befor.

sure i would like more e-mails and reminders,more competitions.

i think there no need for local sections in other language 'English rules"

the thing that we need more at the forum is as u said more action more activity.....i like you guys keep on what your doing

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Well.....i 'm one of those who read more than posting..why? ...most of the members here 're "Big players" at the field.....so i enjoy watching for the mean time :)...

Hi! I understand your point, but I would like to stress the fact that all questions or comments are welcome, regardless of degrees, experience etc. Ever since we started, we have nourished a vision of 99nicu being a place where everyone feels equally welcome and free to contribute. You should to feel this way too! (This is a bit off-topic, but I personally think the medical world (as many other 'worlds'") is a bit tied back by strong hierarchies that make people to step forward & backward for reasons that is more related to power-by-position than knowledge/interest/enthusiasm/ambitions.)

sure i would like more e-mails and reminders,more competitions.

There's a balance between getting reminded and getting annoyed by more frequent emails. We'll discuss this in the Team!

With regard to competitions... funding is really a major issue, partly because of our lack of time to chase potential sponsors.

I personally wished more people would like to sign up as Supporting members (10 euro/year). Since we launched this option more than one year four members have upgraded, despite the VIP status this membership included :)

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  • 3 months later...

Dear Stefan,

i tried a german forum myself and it didn`t worked out. The same problems you mentioned above. A lot readers, but virtually no writers. From my perception this is due to a certain shame, that what one writes might not be correct, or some additional information could be more actual than what has been written.

It seems that in some parts of europe, evidence based medicine / nursing is still a commonly used phrase, but not something of our everyday (work-) life. The mentality is often that way, that it`s much easier to sit and wait/read, instead of ask and write. It is often troublesom and time consuming to get deeper insight in a topic and most readers dont want to write something when they feel that they are not as informed as they want or could be.

Another thing is important. If someone asks a question, he or she sets a level of complexity just by asking in a special way. If a difficult question is posted, the threshold to answer is often too high. It seems, that discussing and admitting to have no idea ourselves is not our strength....

I find this forum very helpful an i think that another one in a certain language would not be a solution. the visitors show that there is a high interest in this field. Maybe we should set our expectations a little lower.

best wishes Norbert

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Nobert, thanks for your wise comments.

With the increasing popularity of social networking on the web, I think/hope that the coming generation of young staff will boost 99nicu and other professional forums. Thanks to those who dare to discuss!

It is no good if a member posts a questions and noone answers it. In the end, there will not be many questions asked at all, people will feel it does not help to ask questions. After all, the point with a forum is the interactivity between members.

I strongly feel that forum platforms provide very good information for health professionals. Interestingly, BMJ.com has recently started a similar site to 99nicu, http://doc2doc.bmj.com. With the strong connection to BMJ I am sure they have plenty of staff and money to invest in such a project. Marketing will make doc2doc a succesful project.

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