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Omegaven for TPN lipid supply

Guest charris

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Guest charris

Do any European colleagues have information about the stability of Omegaven 10% in syringes? We have a 3 kg baby ordered about 30 mL/day and if we could subdivide a 100 mL bottle into 3 portions it would be much more cost effective. This baby will be on very long-term TPN having lost most of the bowel after gastrochisis repair, then necrotic bowel was resected.

Thanks, Connie Harris, Pharm.D, NICU - VGH, Victoria, Canada

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Guest sameera_reddy

I am an Asian colleague .We regularly use these preparations for our ELBWs. My senior colleagues have been using the following technique for atleast past 7-8 yrs. We secure a dedicated peripheral long line under strict aseptic conditions and connect to them by two different 3 way extensions both aminoacid and lipid preparations.We cover these extensions.Each bottle is usually 100ml.We run these solutions for total of three days in the required dosing.We never break the circuit during this time and after 3 days we discard all the circuits and solutions and start fresh again.We routinely send the left out solutions for cultures and we were lucky that we never encountered any growth in them.This procedure was published in the journal of Neonatology-from India,in 2004.Dr.P.Sameera,Consultant Neonatologist,Manipal Speciality Hospital,Bangalore,India

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Mistake in name of journal
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Guest sameera_reddy

The article is available on net for members and its reference is as below-Dr.Sameera

Journal of Neonatology

Year : 2004, Volume : 18, Issue : 1

Print ISSN : 0973-2179.

Experience with modified technique of parenteral nutrition in neonatal intensive care unit

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